Have Women Transcended Sex?




One of the premises that women like to force and that western society doesn’t scrutinize is that women are good and morally superior because they have transcended sex and are not motivated by it.  Women show disgust at men that approach them sexually or that express sexual desires.  This goes back to how male and female brains are different.  The mind is an association making machine.  Men associate everything with sex.  This actually makes them smarter.  Men incentivize themselves by believing that they will be rewarded with intimacy and found desirable by a woman.  On a subconscious level this means that the man will survive into the future in the form of a child but the man doesn’t actually consciously think this, he just wants the affection of a female a positive interaction with a woman.  Men don’t all have sex for children they have sex for the sake of having sex.


Women on the other hand are only aroused by a man that they might want to have a child with.  The female brain associates everything, including sex, with children and that means her increased authority over children and her increased ability to provide well for those children (by using the resources of others, society or a rich man or men assuming she cannot earn enough money on her own to provide for them which presupposes the woman actually desires to provide financially for herself and her children, which is often not at all the case…)  Even the act of sex is associated by the woman with children.  You stick your penis in her vagina which is where babies come out of.  You suck her nipples like a baby.  These rituals prepare the woman for sexual arousal because you are reminding her body of babies.  Women infantilize men by thinking of them as babies and treating them like babies.  In this way they presuppose their authority over men.


Another of the premise forced by women is that having children is a 100% altruistic endeavor on the part of the woman, which is patently false.  The existence of the child solidifies the authority of the woman, not only is she the authority on the child, she is the authority on how she and the child should be provided for by the man.  Historically men can survive quite well without women for their life time, they only need women if they feel the desire to reproduce.  Women, however, when survival is difficult, need to be protected and fended for, by men, this is true when survival is difficult.  When times are easy, feminine values dominate, when times are hard masculine values dominate.  The western mind has been feminized, and especially the united states, because survival has been so easy for so long.

When you create a society in which the government provides for all of the needs of women and women get paid the same as men whether they have demonstrated proficiency or not, getting promotions because they are women, how does this effect the relationship between men and women in society?

“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.”


Women naturally look for a man that has more prestige or money than she has.  Women, in general, sleep up.  What this means is that as women depend less and less on men, they will become less and less aroused by and interested in men.  They will become less sympathetic to men.  Women naturally edit their consideration sets to think only of themselves, their authority and stature, and their children.  Masculine authority is always considered a foreign invasive threat to the authority of the woman.  If women had everything their way they would make the entire world safe for babies, because their mind is in relationship with babies, puppies, and kittens and anyone that participates with their authority over them and accepts their mercy and charity.


Women are naturally less sexually aroused and this has nothing to do with any innate spirituality that women are supposed to have.  Women need to feel desired, they need to be pursued, they need to be turned on, often times the man that is willing to lie to and manipulate the woman is the one that wins her affections.  The man that conceals what he really thinks and reveals himself falsely is the one who is rewarded by the female.  Why does society punish men for wanting sex?  Why does society punish men for having children?  Why does society blame men for having children?  What if we did away with marriage all together?  That way women would be responsible for their own decisions and they would make better choices.  Women haven’t transcended sex, in order to transcend something it has to be an addiction.  The spiritual woman is the one that has transcended the natural instincts of women and has risen above the feminine ego consciousness, and unconscious reasoning in which she doesn’t recognize or scrutinize her natural impulses and the emergent properties of Feminine Conquests.


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