Deconstructing Obama’s Narrative.


One of the things I always found interesting is how a mentally ill person will almost immediately expose their issues to you.  A crazy person is in relationship with their issues.  When a person is traumatized, even if they are victimized by their own prejudices, their mind creates an auto-appraiser (Paul Ekman) an algorithm that constantly scans the environment for anything that reminds itself of the trauma.  When I created Shared State Theory of Communication which is based on how the brain works and how language works, I came up with the philosophical calculus:

“Whatever state a person is in, they communicate that state, even if they are trying to conceal it.”  Joxua Luxor

I refer to this in terms of what the person is in relationship with.  An insane person is in relationship with their issues not with reality.  An analytical person doesn’t warp and distort reality in their experiencing of it, but an emotional person especially an emotionally morbid person, who is “in relationship with his issues” and therefore in relationship with morbid emotionality will warp and distort reality in their experiencing of it and tacitly interpreting and judging it.

According to Paul Ekman, being in a permanent refractory state is synonymous with being insane.  So a person who is constantly in relationship not with reality but with their issues is insane.  Now notice that Obama didn’t say, “You are the slaves.”  Which means he is tacitly conflating himself with the slaves.  Obama didn’t experience slavery, although he has tricked himself into thinking that he was somehow victimized by it.  Even though he is the President of the United States and the Most Powerful Person in the world.  He didn’t get their on his own.  He had a white mother.  White people voted for him too, I myself, much to my chagrin, voted for him twice.  In fact Obama lived a privileged life style, the rules didn’t apply to him, he smoked pot and tobacco before he was legally able to do so.  He was born into money, power, and privilege.

Not only is he conflating Now with Then, he is conflating Himself with those people.  This is a tacit emotional appeal.  Now is not then, and they are not those people.  Misery loves company and it wants to share whatever state it is in with other people, this is called comorbidity.  I use the term in my psychological models to also refer to the same issue in more than one person.

“The disease is in relationship with itself through people.”  Joxua Luxor




For those of you not familiar with Strategic Rhetoric in the form of Polemics and Apologetics.  This is the pole that he is using, he is tacitly conflating Fox News with MSNBC, HIS OWN PROPAGANDA “NEWS” STATION!  He is dismissing all of them and everything in between (which is everything) as mere opinion, not fact.  It is as though he doesn’t believe in fact.  In order to make a judgement like that you have to have the authority to do so.  So even though he doesn’t say,”I am the expert on this subject and here are my credentials.”  He is tacitly presupposing his authority to make this statement and some listeners will participate with the premise if they feel he has the authority to make this unsupported ex-cathedra assertion.

This reminds me of the joke where the wife comes home and finds her husband with his dick in another woman, and she gets all angry, and accuses him of cheating on her and he responds.  “I didn’t cheat on you, what are you going to believe?  What I tell you or your own eyes?”


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