New World Order, The Danger of Arming the Beast,


Many people have a cognitive bias, they think that everybody else thinks like themselves, this is true for most people except psychopaths.  A reasonable person will think that everybody else is reasonable, a peaceful person will assume that everybody else is peaceful, a responsible person will presuppose that everybody else is responsible.  This is not the case.  Psychopaths game everybody else, fitting in, saying what they are expected to say, they conceal their true nature and reveal themselves strategically.  They try to maximize benefit to themselves while minimizing the amount of contribution.  They are strategic, manipulative, and opportunistic.  They are not interested in honor.  They do not fight fair.  They will lie in wait like spiders, until you are weak, until you can’t win and they can’t loose.


My personal philosophy is that Neural Myelination is passed on from parent to child through epigenetics.  Neural Myelination predisposes you to have a certain personality and world view.  Just like different types of dogs have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

“The essence of magic is this, you can’t repeat a pattern you never created in the first place.”  

Shivastus Solomonicus.  

Neural Myelination is strengthened by repitition, what they call Japa in japan, and Mantra in India, and what they call Torah in Israel.  When a people exert an influence on themselves to become Moral they predispose their children to becoming moral.  When a person or group of people exert an influence on themselves to hate and despise the world or to tyrannically and despotically take over the world and kill anybody that doesn’t submit to the superiority that they indoctrinated into their children their children are predisposed to this same mentality.

Neural Myelination is like Grooves in a dirt road through a village, and your mind is like a horse drawn cart, (chariot, car) as you walk your path, making your decisions your ancestors subtly influence you by the choices they made, they speak to you in your instinct, you are blinded by what they didn’t experience and therefore can’t remember, the people they didn’t interact with, the environments they weren’t raised in.


The black swan fallacy is the cognitive bias that tells us that everything we have experienced in our life has prepared us for everything that we will experience, unfortunately, I am here to tell you this is not the case.  People subconsciously edit their consideration sets to focus on the things that they are capable of understanding and things that make them happy.  The majority of people are happy or want to be happy, this is demonstrated by the fact that they are not in relationship with reality.  Only depressed people evaluate themselves correctly, this is known in the field of psychology.


There is a direct correlation between violence, stupidity, and rapid population.  People that breed irresponsibly don’t raise their children by educating them and exerting an influence on them to be good people and contribute to society.  This is evidenced by statistics throughout Europe showing that white people have more or less stopped reproducing.  They don’t want to raise children in this world where they can’t be certain that their children will have a good life.  They don’t want to have children for their own benefit but for the benefit of the child, wanting to have a child that will have a good and enjoyable life.  Recent statistics show that 72% of black children are raised out of wed lock.  The NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE, dismisses the import of this statistic by suggesting that black sons still love their fathers and their fathers were still part of their lives.  What they are ignoring is that these children were raised on Welfare, tax payers money, societies dime.  And they were raised to not contribute to society and to hate the society that creates the quality of their life.  Though that quality of life might not be great it is better than living in the deserts of Africa or Afghanistan.


I didn’t bring up the subject of Race, Obama did, he and his Regime, and all of the secret society members that are in cahoots with him.  Jay-z, Madonna, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, almost all of the Musicians in America and some of the Actors and Actresses and a growing number of politicians.  They are trying to get rid of the Congress, they are trying to collapse the state Government, which means the police will be the federal government.  They are trying to destroy what it means to be a citizen of America by getting rid of the border.  They are trying to make a One World Government by handing over Authority to the United Nations and arming them.  Their Authority in that Novus Ordo Seclorum has already been assured.  They have nothing to fear, you do.  I haven’t even told you the scariest and newest developments because I don’t think you are ready to hear them.  I have been trying to prepare you for them over the past year, waking you up as quickly as I can.  They think you aren’t smart enough to figure out what they are doing.  They think you are to weak, stupid, slow, and lazy to respond or prepare.  They think that all of your authority and spirit has been extracted from you.



The majority of people in the world are not moral.  They are not good.  Evolution doesn’t happen when the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on the earth kills everybody else and submits everyone to their brand of tyranny.  That is the opposite of evolution.  However you in the western world have been programmed by media, and your parents have been programmed by media to have a feminine bias.  Which means that your brain categorizes stupidity, insanity, violence, and evil as feminine and you are programmed to be more merciful and yielding towards it.  You don’t scrutinize or criticize things that you see.  You don’t speak out against evil or stand up to evil.  They are intentionally putting women in positions of authority knowing that in the Western world women can get away with more.  Western men will be less critical of women, their instinct will be to defend them and agree with them even when they know in their hearts they are wrong.  You are being lead to your own destruction willingly.  People tell you that you are the cause of the bad in the world and you agree, apologizing for your existence, being the “bigger man”.  If you can’t increase your value, you can’t increase the value of anyone else, you certainly can’t protect anyone else, or provide for anyone else.  But they will ask you to, they are asking you to right now.  Jon Stewart and all of the liberal, elitist, femtards are asking you to not be self interested and telling you that you need to give up more of what you don’t have to evil people that want to take what you have and kill you.  Usurpers.


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