The Poet and the Politician.


I came up with this concept years ago, some of you may not know but after my first horrific failure with my fiance’ I forswore ever  getting into an exclusive relationship with a woman again until I understood women.  Most people laugh when I tell them this, but I know do understand women, and I will never be in an exclusive relationship with a woman.

One of the ways in which I describe female psychology is an instinct that they have.  Women are attracted to two kinds of men at the same time, the Poet and the Politician. The reason for this is that the Politician offers status and a life of easy survival, stability, etc.  A safe place to raise children that will be well cared for.  The Poet on the other hand is full of passion and he arouses the female, and inspires here.

Women being fickle of heart and weak of mind can’t make a choice and stick with it.  if they have one they want the other and if they have the other they want the one.  Familiarity breeds contempt.  Women presuppose that they deserve all that they want and they don’t care what either is capable of providing.  Of course this doesn’t apply to all women, just women in general.



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