ISIS, Enemies of Mankind.


“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”
― Edmund Burke

One of my favorite personages of history of whom you have probably never heard is Nicholas Roerich.  I modeled one of my fictional characters after him, Noah Socrates.  He is the philosophical student of Shivastus Solomonicus.  (


Much like myself, Nicholas was a philologist, and a Christian Mystic.  He journeyed to India and Tibet where he claimed to find Hindu Temples in which Jesus Christ had been during the portion of the bible after his birth and before his mission started.  These people keep signatures of everybody that has ever been to their temples, for thousands of years, since they were created.  Like myself, Roerich was also an Arthurian Mystic.

Nicholas Roerich came up with the philosophical calculus that when you destroy cultural artifacts you are committing a crime against humanity, in the act of destroying the history of mankind you are devaluing what it means to be human.  You are stealing from all human beings robbing them of their heritage.

He created the banner of peace, which is based on the epiphany of Percivel, one of 3 knights who attained the grail.  Percivel, shed 3 drops of blood on pure white snow.

Roerich’s Pact also Pax Cultura (“Cultural Peace” or “Peace through Culture”) is the motto of the cultural artifact protection movement founded by Nicholas Roerich, and is symbolized by a maroon on white emblem consisting of three solid circles in a surrounding circle. On April 15, 1935 the Roerich Pact was signed by the United States and Latin American nations, agreeing that “historic monuments, museums, scientific, artistic, educational and cultural institutions” should be protected both in times of peace and war, and identified by their flying a distinctive flag, the Banner of Peace, bearing the Pax Cultura emblem.

I wanted to point out, part of the reason Muslims can’t be integrated into society is the fact that they, the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on earth, are offended by history, they are offended by their own history, they are offended by our history.  You can’t teach history without lying about them and massaging their egos or skipping the important parts all together.  From their arrogant and egotistical perspectives, every historical personage of merit was a Muslim, Adam was a Muslim, Noah was a Muslim (even though he brought pigs on the arch) Jesus was a Muslim, there is no God but God and Mohammed was his prophet, which is to say, you can’t disagree with a Muslim without invoking their right as a human, a child of Adam, to kill you, a forbidden farm animal, for disagreeing with their infinite authority…



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