Deconstructing Obama’s Narrative.


One of the things I always found interesting is how a mentally ill person will almost immediately expose their issues to you.  A crazy person is in relationship with their issues.  When a person is traumatized, even if they are victimized by their own prejudices, their mind creates an auto-appraiser (Paul Ekman) an algorithm that constantly scans the environment for anything that reminds itself of the trauma.  When I created Shared State Theory of Communication which is based on how the brain works and how language works, I came up with the philosophical calculus:

“Whatever state a person is in, they communicate that state, even if they are trying to conceal it.”  Joxua Luxor

I refer to this in terms of what the person is in relationship with.  An insane person is in relationship with their issues not with reality.  An analytical person doesn’t warp and distort reality in their experiencing of it, but an emotional person especially an emotionally morbid person, who is “in relationship with his issues” and therefore in relationship with morbid emotionality will warp and distort reality in their experiencing of it and tacitly interpreting and judging it.

According to Paul Ekman, being in a permanent refractory state is synonymous with being insane.  So a person who is constantly in relationship not with reality but with their issues is insane.  Now notice that Obama didn’t say, “You are the slaves.”  Which means he is tacitly conflating himself with the slaves.  Obama didn’t experience slavery, although he has tricked himself into thinking that he was somehow victimized by it.  Even though he is the President of the United States and the Most Powerful Person in the world.  He didn’t get their on his own.  He had a white mother.  White people voted for him too, I myself, much to my chagrin, voted for him twice.  In fact Obama lived a privileged life style, the rules didn’t apply to him, he smoked pot and tobacco before he was legally able to do so.  He was born into money, power, and privilege.

Not only is he conflating Now with Then, he is conflating Himself with those people.  This is a tacit emotional appeal.  Now is not then, and they are not those people.  Misery loves company and it wants to share whatever state it is in with other people, this is called comorbidity.  I use the term in my psychological models to also refer to the same issue in more than one person.

“The disease is in relationship with itself through people.”  Joxua Luxor




For those of you not familiar with Strategic Rhetoric in the form of Polemics and Apologetics.  This is the pole that he is using, he is tacitly conflating Fox News with MSNBC, HIS OWN PROPAGANDA “NEWS” STATION!  He is dismissing all of them and everything in between (which is everything) as mere opinion, not fact.  It is as though he doesn’t believe in fact.  In order to make a judgement like that you have to have the authority to do so.  So even though he doesn’t say,”I am the expert on this subject and here are my credentials.”  He is tacitly presupposing his authority to make this statement and some listeners will participate with the premise if they feel he has the authority to make this unsupported ex-cathedra assertion.

This reminds me of the joke where the wife comes home and finds her husband with his dick in another woman, and she gets all angry, and accuses him of cheating on her and he responds.  “I didn’t cheat on you, what are you going to believe?  What I tell you or your own eyes?”

Open Letter to Jon Stewart. GOOD BYE!!! :)))


Jon, I have watched your show, religiously, for years and enjoyed it.  You were always smarter than average and I valued your opinion.  But recently things have changed.  I know that you were encouraged when you were young to hob knob with the Hoi polloi but you, unlike myself, always had the option of going back to your parents, their connections, and their resources.  I didn’t have that option.  My success wouldn’t be determined by any connections or alliances that existed before my birth, in fact my parents not only didn’t have any connections they didn’t particularly like me. (  You were born on the other side of the finish line with a silver spoon in your ass, you woke up from a lovely dream in which you were eating chocolate ice cream and you thought you had won the race.  I know you think you are the cool honky.  I know you think you are down with people’s issues, I know you did some landscape maintenance.  My father, my uncle, my sister, and mother, two of my uncles and my cousin all worked landscape maintenance, as a matter of fact most of the Jehovah’s Witness congregation in Phoenix that I attended worked in Landscape Maintenance and were forced to compete with illegal aliens that would steal your equipment, and under bid you and weren’t insured.



You think like a woman, Jon.  Men think about the world, the polis, women think about the home, the oikos, look up the etymology of the word economy.  You remind me of all of those Jewish people who think they are studying kabbalah, but keep on getting told to work on the path workings, that is a rhetorical tautology of being humble.  Humility, however, will only get you so far.  Humility in the face of evil is cowardice.  You think that if we just get everything right in the united states the entire world will fix itself.  You couldn’t be more wrong.  And what you aren’t considering is that maybe we can’t afford not to be a major player on the global scene.  Jon, how did radical pacifism work out for the Jews in WWIII?  How did it work out for the Tibetan Buddhists?  When you just hope that everybody will be reasonable if you are reasonable, how does that work?  When you hope that a psychopath will protect you from himself, how does that work?  When you trust that a psychopath is telling you the truth, how does that work out?


Let me tell you a little history, Anton Szander Levay, a Jew, said that WWII was started by self-loathing Jews.  He was correct.  Adolf Hitler was most likely half Jewish.  The entire Vienna Circle, and even Einstein, originally wrote negative comments about the Jewish religion.  They were probably trying to get the Jews to integrate into society more or better by humiliating their religious identity.  But what it did was empower Hitler.

If, with the help of his Marxist creed, the Jew is victorious over the other peoples of the world, his crown will be the funeral wreath of humanity and this planet will, as it did thousands of years ago, move through the ether devoid of men.

Eternal Nature inexorably avenges the infringement of her commands.

Hence today I believe that I am acting in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator: by defending myself against the Jew, I am fighting for the work of the Lord.”  Mein Kampf, end of chapter II. 


You seem to think, Jon, that because FOX news has what you perceive as a Right spin, you are setting matters straight with your Left spin.  And in this way you perceive yourself as a champion of the good.  I want you to take responsibility for your words.  I don’t think you are as smart as you think you are, I also don’t think your audience is as smart as they think they are.  You are using ethos, pathos, and logos irresponsibly.


You are not a news organization, you are a comedy satire.  In this way you are kind of an intellectual coward.  In order to say that FOX is a fake new channel you have to have the authority to say that.  You are affirming the concealed presupposition which you don’t have the courage to state overtly.  What FOX does, and you don’t seem to comprehend, because you are too stupid, is inquiry.  They are concerned, as they should be.  They are advocates, Add voices.  While you, and this is what I despise about psychopaths, presuppose your moral authority, as all toxic parent figures do, to conceal, manipulate, lie, and to make decisions for others, to judge and to punish.  You try to control who is allowed in the conversation and what they can say.  You want to control the direction of the conversation and the conclusion that is reached, which is to say a person can be considered wrong because of their conclusion.  Apologize for your own dick, Jon, don’t apologize for my dick.  Don’t argue that I should give away resources that I don’t have to people that hate me, harass me at work, and despise America.  Have you ever been beaten up?  Have you ever had a hit put out on you?  I have.  Jon, if you want to protect and provide for all of these people do it with your resources, and tie your fate to theirs.  What that means is that you are partially responsible for their crimes, and their debts.  You can be their patron, and share their fate.



history (n.) Look up history at Dictionary.comlate 14c., “relation of incidents” (true or false), from Old French estoire, estorie “chronicle, history, story” (12c., Modern French histoire), from Latin historia “narrative of past events, account, tale, story,” from Greek historia “a learning or knowing by inquiry; an account of one’s inquiries, history, record, narrative,” from historein “inquire,” from histor “wise man, judge,” from PIE *wid-tor-, from root *weid- “to know,” literally “to see” (see vision).

I voted for Obama twice, partly because of you, and partly because he was misrepresented.  He is showing his true colors now.  Tell me, Jon, when you go to the Freemason Lodges in New York are you scared by all of those angry NOI guys that are Freemasons?  Do they intimidate you into using the narrative that you use?  Jon, the Western mind has a Feminine bias.  You appear to think that bias is correct and is reality.  The Eastern mind doesn’t have that problem.  The Eastern mind not only understands the Western mind it knows how to game it.  You are being gamed, Jon.  Obama and Islam know that women are more susceptible to trauma based mind control than are men.  They know that if there is an extinction level event, or the grid is hacked, or their is an electro-magnetic pulse, or anything like that Islam will immediately institute sharia law and become a warring cult.  They will steal all possessions that they desire, kill anybody that doesn’t convert, they will rape who they want to rape, and take young females as war booty.  Obama is intentionally stacking the deck in favor of Islam globally.  He is making secret back door deals and deciding what is good for the American people in private without their knowledge or consent.  You should be much more suspicious of him than you are.  The Muslim Brotherhood was invited as guests to America.  Right now they are recruiting people out of mosques for violent crimes.


You know better than most people, Jon, that the Jewish Liberal Media is there to manipulate what people see.  If you can control the Audio and the Visual, if you can control what people see and hear, you can control what they think, say, and do.  The human brain doesn’t distinguish between what it sees on television or in reality.  Repetition communicates normalcy and because of the normative human bias, what is normal is considered correct and good.  So they show images that portray white father figures as fat, stupid, out of touch, bigots.  And they portray black men and white women in relationships.  Your propaganda tacitly conflates all white people with all white people and all black people with all black people and all women with all women and all men with all men.  In order to manipulate people you need a stupid society that doesn’t know the logical fallacies or the cognitive biases.

will ferrell jon stewart final

You hate the Congress and the Senate.  I suspect like Obama you are complicit in wanting to destroy them.  What that does is make Obama a dictator.  You want to collapse the state government, essentially, you think that people aren’t smart enough to make decisions for themselves and you Arrogantly think that you and your ilk are so much smarter than everybody else with your Aristocratic, Oligarchic, Secret Societies.  That is why you hate the Senators and Congressman, and Republicans so much.

jon stewart

The Bouncers Trilemma, and Islam.


I was a bouncer for 5 years.  I bounced in Seatac at a club that used to be called Club Zeus it was right next to the original Powerhouse Gym which was owned by Shake, the most notorious street fighter in Washington turned Christian.  He was trained by Zura Goodpaster who was the student of Frank Dux and he taught Jean Claude Van Damme for his roll depicting Frank Dux.  His dojo was next to my instructor, Michael Cairnes.  (

Club Zeus was two floors and had a 900 capacity.  Our main clientele was Samoan because we were right next to one of the largest Samoan neighborhoods in Seattle.  Their is a huge black ghetto in Seattle too, one night a week (thursdays) we had SHUT THE DOH! An AM radio station would come and promote their thing there with booty shaker competitions.  I also danced and was getting to the end of my stripping career so Darnel used to use me as a ringer and get me to dance at his other clubs.

After that I went on to bounce in Downtown Seattle at some very well known places, I bounced at a club known as Neighbors, that is a discotec owned by a Moroccan family.  Some people thought of it as a Gay Night Club.   I was always a deep thinker, one of the things I always thought was interesting was a situation that kept coming up.  I refer to it as the bouncers trilemma.  Inevitably somebody would start acting stupid, and often times they had a friend.  Now, it was my job to confront the antagonist.  Sometimes (all too frequently) that person would not back down.  Now the “friend” for some stupid reason or another thought it was their job to emotionally support the person acting like an idiot.  This is called enabling.

Enabling is a term with a double meaning in psychotherapy and mental health.[1]

As a positive term, “enabling” references patterns of interaction which allow individuals to develop and grow. These patterns may be on any scale, for example within the family,[1] or in wider society as “enabling acts” designed to empower some group, or create a new authority for a (usually governmental) body.

In a negative sense, “enabling” can describe dysfunctional behavior approaches that are intended to help resolve a specific problem but in fact may perpetuate or exacerbate the problem.[1][2] A common theme of enabling in this latter sense is that third parties take responsibility or blame, or make accommodations for a person’s harmful conduct (often with the best of intentions, or from fear or insecurity which inhibits action). The practical effect is that the person himself or herself does not have to do so, and is shielded from awareness of the harm it may do, and the need or pressure to change. Enabling in this sense is a major environmental cause of addiction.[3]

A common example of enabling can be observed in the relationship between the alcoholic/addict and a codependent spouse. The spouse may attempt to shield the addict from the negative consequences of their behavior by calling in sick to work for them, making excuses that prevent others from holding them accountable, and generally cleaning up the mess that occurs in the wake of their impaired judgment.[citation needed] In reality, what the spouse is doing may be hurting, not helping. Enabling can tend to prevent psychological growth in the person being enabled, and can contribute to negative symptoms in the enabler.

I tried to solve the problem like this, I would tell the enabler, “If you are this person’s friend, what you should do is control them, because what is going to happen if you keep escalating the situation is that they might get their ass kicked by me, and then the police are going to come and take them to jail.”


Peaceful Muslims keep on telling us that Islam is a religion of peace.  While the entire civilized world sees the fallout of the global Jihad.  “Peaceful Muslims” are enabling the “Radical Muslims”.  Stop telling me that Islam is a religion of peace.  Stop paying zakat and funding jihad.  Stop sympathizing with ISIS as polls show many of you do.  Stop acting like the Muslim Brotherhood isn’t recruiting people out of Mosques for violent martyrdom in the United States as well as elsewhere.

What you need to do is turn around and exert an influence on your retarded, unevolved, cousin.  I don’t think the “peaceful Muslims” are going to protect us from the “Radical Muslims”  it seems that the Radical muslims have no problem killing the peaceful muslims.  So it begs the question, why are the Peaceful Muslims not changing their tack?  Do they think lying to us about the nature of Islam is going to deceive us?  or prevent them from being executed or radicalized? That is just stupid.  That is lemming talk.


VolksPuter, Obama Copies a play out of Hitler’s manual.

hitler-speech-rally-1939 (1)

A lot of you probably don’t know that Hitler rose to power via the völkisch movement. . .

The völkisch movement (original name: völkische Bewegung) is the German interpretation of the populist movement, with a romantic focus on folklore and the “organic”.[clarification needed] The term völkisch (pronounced [ˈfœlkɪʃ]) derives from the German word Volk (cognate with the English “folk”), corresponding to “people“, with connotations in German of “people-powered”, “folksy” and “folkloric”. According to the historian James Webb, the word also has “overtones of ‘nation’, ‘race’ and ‘tribe’…” [1] A direct translation would somehow be “ethnic“, with, however, very different connotations in English. Therefore this term cannot be used for translation. Strictly speaking, the term völkisch has no direct translation in English, as no existing term corresponds to its exact meaning, but it could be rendered as “ethno-nationalistic”, “racial-nationalistic”, “ethno-racialist” or similar, which comes close to the actual meaning and use of the word.

At one point he promised that every German Household would have a car and he allied himself with Ferdinand Porsche to create an efficient and affordable vehicle for Germans that would be useful.


They say that History repeats itself and those that don’t remember History are doomed to repeat it.  A new völkisch movement looms on the global horizon.  Organic foods are once again in vogue and everybody is pursuing a “pure” lifestyle.  The Germany that is isn’t the Germany that was, and the America that is isn’t that America that was.  The players have changed, exchanged masks, and now they face off again, anonymously.  Waiting for public opinion to unmask them through a veil of counter intelligence, propaganda, and concealment.

Obama recently announced that he wants every household to have it’s own computer.  Not a bad idea, but he wants to subsidize them with the Government.  Like we aren’t already in debt…  People need jobs and promotions not handouts.  Handouts are for countries that are in a depression.


Here are my concerns.  I would bet money that Obama will give the subsidies to Microsoft, via some back door clandestine deal.  I would bet they will be loaded with sophisticated spying and surveillance equipment.  Now I am not saying that Microsoft created a virus that assassinated all of it’s older model computers in order to force people to buy new computers as a kind of planned obsolescence.  And I am not saying it backfired and everybody bought Macs instead.  And I am certainly not saying that it is suspicious that Microsoft didn’t offer a discount to people who’s computers had been destroyed by that virus even though it was like a holocaust for computers.

Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence[1] in industrial design is a policy of planning or designing a product with an artificially limited useful life, so it will become obsolete, that is, unfashionable or no longer functional after a certain period of time.[2] The rationale behind the strategy is to generate long-term sales volume by reducing the time between repeat purchases (referred to as “shortening the replacement cycle”).

Firms that pursue this strategy believe that the additional sales revenue it creates more than offsets the additional costs of research and development andopportunity costs of existing product line cannibalization. The rewards are by no means certain: in a competitive industry, this can be a risky strategy because consumers may decide to buy from competitors.

What am I saying?  Well, I am certainly not saying that in the recent movie KINGSMAN that their are subliminal themes in which a certain computer and internet mogul talks to a black president of the united states and convinces him that humans are a virus and the earth is overpopulated and the only solution is to create a kind of Civil War that will massively reduce the population of the world so that the illuminated ones, actors, musicians, politicians, and the extremely wealthy can continue living and maintaining their positions of authority and control over the world.



New World Order, The Danger of Arming the Beast,


Many people have a cognitive bias, they think that everybody else thinks like themselves, this is true for most people except psychopaths.  A reasonable person will think that everybody else is reasonable, a peaceful person will assume that everybody else is peaceful, a responsible person will presuppose that everybody else is responsible.  This is not the case.  Psychopaths game everybody else, fitting in, saying what they are expected to say, they conceal their true nature and reveal themselves strategically.  They try to maximize benefit to themselves while minimizing the amount of contribution.  They are strategic, manipulative, and opportunistic.  They are not interested in honor.  They do not fight fair.  They will lie in wait like spiders, until you are weak, until you can’t win and they can’t loose.


My personal philosophy is that Neural Myelination is passed on from parent to child through epigenetics.  Neural Myelination predisposes you to have a certain personality and world view.  Just like different types of dogs have different personalities, strengths and weaknesses.

“The essence of magic is this, you can’t repeat a pattern you never created in the first place.”  

Shivastus Solomonicus.  

Neural Myelination is strengthened by repitition, what they call Japa in japan, and Mantra in India, and what they call Torah in Israel.  When a people exert an influence on themselves to become Moral they predispose their children to becoming moral.  When a person or group of people exert an influence on themselves to hate and despise the world or to tyrannically and despotically take over the world and kill anybody that doesn’t submit to the superiority that they indoctrinated into their children their children are predisposed to this same mentality.

Neural Myelination is like Grooves in a dirt road through a village, and your mind is like a horse drawn cart, (chariot, car) as you walk your path, making your decisions your ancestors subtly influence you by the choices they made, they speak to you in your instinct, you are blinded by what they didn’t experience and therefore can’t remember, the people they didn’t interact with, the environments they weren’t raised in.


The black swan fallacy is the cognitive bias that tells us that everything we have experienced in our life has prepared us for everything that we will experience, unfortunately, I am here to tell you this is not the case.  People subconsciously edit their consideration sets to focus on the things that they are capable of understanding and things that make them happy.  The majority of people are happy or want to be happy, this is demonstrated by the fact that they are not in relationship with reality.  Only depressed people evaluate themselves correctly, this is known in the field of psychology.


There is a direct correlation between violence, stupidity, and rapid population.  People that breed irresponsibly don’t raise their children by educating them and exerting an influence on them to be good people and contribute to society.  This is evidenced by statistics throughout Europe showing that white people have more or less stopped reproducing.  They don’t want to raise children in this world where they can’t be certain that their children will have a good life.  They don’t want to have children for their own benefit but for the benefit of the child, wanting to have a child that will have a good and enjoyable life.  Recent statistics show that 72% of black children are raised out of wed lock.  The NIGHTLY SHOW WITH LARRY WILMORE, dismisses the import of this statistic by suggesting that black sons still love their fathers and their fathers were still part of their lives.  What they are ignoring is that these children were raised on Welfare, tax payers money, societies dime.  And they were raised to not contribute to society and to hate the society that creates the quality of their life.  Though that quality of life might not be great it is better than living in the deserts of Africa or Afghanistan.


I didn’t bring up the subject of Race, Obama did, he and his Regime, and all of the secret society members that are in cahoots with him.  Jay-z, Madonna, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Drake, almost all of the Musicians in America and some of the Actors and Actresses and a growing number of politicians.  They are trying to get rid of the Congress, they are trying to collapse the state Government, which means the police will be the federal government.  They are trying to destroy what it means to be a citizen of America by getting rid of the border.  They are trying to make a One World Government by handing over Authority to the United Nations and arming them.  Their Authority in that Novus Ordo Seclorum has already been assured.  They have nothing to fear, you do.  I haven’t even told you the scariest and newest developments because I don’t think you are ready to hear them.  I have been trying to prepare you for them over the past year, waking you up as quickly as I can.  They think you aren’t smart enough to figure out what they are doing.  They think you are to weak, stupid, slow, and lazy to respond or prepare.  They think that all of your authority and spirit has been extracted from you.



The majority of people in the world are not moral.  They are not good.  Evolution doesn’t happen when the fastest growing population of the stupidest and most violent people on the earth kills everybody else and submits everyone to their brand of tyranny.  That is the opposite of evolution.  However you in the western world have been programmed by media, and your parents have been programmed by media to have a feminine bias.  Which means that your brain categorizes stupidity, insanity, violence, and evil as feminine and you are programmed to be more merciful and yielding towards it.  You don’t scrutinize or criticize things that you see.  You don’t speak out against evil or stand up to evil.  They are intentionally putting women in positions of authority knowing that in the Western world women can get away with more.  Western men will be less critical of women, their instinct will be to defend them and agree with them even when they know in their hearts they are wrong.  You are being lead to your own destruction willingly.  People tell you that you are the cause of the bad in the world and you agree, apologizing for your existence, being the “bigger man”.  If you can’t increase your value, you can’t increase the value of anyone else, you certainly can’t protect anyone else, or provide for anyone else.  But they will ask you to, they are asking you to right now.  Jon Stewart and all of the liberal, elitist, femtards are asking you to not be self interested and telling you that you need to give up more of what you don’t have to evil people that want to take what you have and kill you.  Usurpers.


stealth paw

Telling the Truth Falsely.

jimmy kimmel

The idea that he is somehow Kenyan has more or less been debunked, so what he is doing here is conflating the other two issues with the first one.  It is a subtle way of making the Fundamental Attribution Error by tacitly conflating the other two issues with the first one.  It operates on a cognitive bias that people have, thinking in terms of essences and associating the Wrongness of his being Kenyan-born with the issues of whether he is a socialist, marxist, or is lying about his being a Muslim as the provisions Taqiyya and Kitman allow for a Muslim in politics to do.  (

 In his book Telling Lies Paul Ekman goes deep into the psychology of pathological liars, showing the techniques that they use for lying.

The merit of this technique is that Obama doesn’t have to address the subject, twice before he slipped and said he was a Muslim once when asked about his religion and another time when giving a speech.  He has never been directly asked if he was a Socialist.  All Obama had to do was come out and act calm and happy, which is easy for him because he is a very skilled liar.



It is a coordinated deflection designed to keep the pressure of Obama and to repair his wounded reputation.


A defence mechanism is a coping technique that reduces anxiety arising from unacceptable or potentially harmful impulses.[1] Defence mechanisms are unconscious and are not to be confused with conscious coping strategies.[2]Sigmund Freud was one of the first proponents of this construct.[3]

“Deflection is a method of changing a subject that is or might be painful.”

Commonest methods of deflection are:

  1. Humor
  2. Anger

These are the two of the most common methods of deflecting people away from difficult subjects.

It is already obvious to me that someone is coaching Obama in how to not leak emotions that would clue people in to the fact that he is lying or concealing.  You can see this when he is slow talking or talking in a monotone, controlling the emotions that he is communicating.

Troll is a language.


 People will bristle at this concept.  I am a linguistic philosopher so you can take my word for it or not but history will prove me correct.  Troll is becoming the lingua-franca of comedy, if it isn’t already.

I have studied troll behavior ever since Myspace had group and philosophy functions.  On Facebook I became such a successful troll, even though that wasn’t my intent, people crowned me the king of Fight Club.  A group in which all of the old school trolls from Myspace came together to troll each other.  I was more interested in positive, rational, mutually beneficial relationships on the internet but at the time, especially with the people I was associated with, that wasn’t an option.  I didn’t start out trolling, it became necessary to defend myself as it appeared everyone was a troll and was always trolling.

Years before, when I lived in Seattle Washington, I had been a stand up comedian, so I started using those skills to troll people.  I would also use debate, which I became quite good at.  I eventually could beat almost anybody in trolling or debate, some people would pop and lock between trolling and being rational looking for any sense of victory.  On Facebook I trolled entire groups of trolls off the internet and developed a technique and even a psychology for doing so.  You can view some of my handy work here (

Several years ago I observed as the comedians on the television, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher started using troll humor, this was very disconcerting as they were also using jokes I had written years before.  One joke Bill Maher used that I had written on Myspace was, “My dick is 8 inches long if I start measuring from my b-hole.”  You would understand how this joke could get to him if you understood the nature of trolling, people are acquisitively mimetic, which is to say the copy behaviors they see being rewarded or if they see something that looks awesome they will repeat it because they believe it increases their perceived value.

I decided that since I was such a successful troll I would get back into stand up comedy.  I went to a comedy dinner theater in Tustin and observed several comedians.  None of them ever found the room.  They were all telling troll jokes poorly, making constant references to the internet, social networking sites, and devices.  It was beyond lame.  I went to several open mike nights and performed I was relatively well received by the audience.  I went to the best open mike forums and pretty much killed it at one of them I got a standing ovation, clients were chanting Wolfe! Wolfe! Wolfe!  and then they started Howling.

 My comedy is transgressively sacral which is to say, calculated to be offensive, I believe that comedians have a responsibility to defend freedom of speech and to get people to loosen up about their issues.  This generation of comedians is terrible.  They have thrown the standard into the muck and mire in worship of the false idol of political correctness.  While I get along with audiences other comedians hate me, I am not typical, I am not fat, ugly, insecure, or any of the things most comedians are, because of this they hate me.  Comedians are cliquish and petty, they feel that awesomeness is a finite resource and if one is being too awesome or they feel they can’t compete they turn to their clicks and gang up on you.  This is what had always happened to me.


I returned to trolling with a vengeance.  If I couldn’t express myself on the stage, I would use my trolling skill and turn my jokes into photoshops with time stamps.  I would get to the punchline first.  This was my troll the world strategy.  I realized on Facebook that I was wasting my talent trolling trolls, I should be going after bigger game.  The thing was people weren’t afraid that I would fail, they were afraid I would succeed, which is why they not only didn’t give me a chance they antagonized me, undermined me, lied about me, and ganged up on me.  I could handle that but it wasn’t worth the little that I got from being in clubs.  I didn’t troll people just because I didn’t like them I trolled them because they were doing something reprehensible or poorly motivated, I trolled psychopaths, and I had an uncanny ability to spot them.  Psychopaths have a certain Modus operandi.

Trolling is a language that has a hierarchy, and one communicates through, not only strategic communication but also through strategic behavior.


  1. Debate troll, the highest form of troll establishes moral and sapiential dominance over his competitor.  This troll can beat you in a rational debate.
  2. Butthurt troll, the butthurt troll can say the worst possible thing and the worst possible time.  He will have some people Rolling on the Floor Lauging their Asses off.  While other people sit their whining that he did something mean or immoral.
  3. The Photoshop troll makes humorous to offensive photoshops using your image or images that you resonate with and project your sense of self onto, he makes fun of your issues.
  4. Snark and Sarcasm, the beta troll is passive aggressive, not being able to actually establish dominance but is just annoying and emotionally abusive, they don’t teach you anything, they just waist your time and communicate negative emotional data.
  5. Histrionic trolls type in all caps, and use repeated question marks and exclamation points (???) (!!!)
  6. Lurker, the lurker is a creeper troll that looks at all of your information and possibly steals your photo or gets information on you to use against you.  Lurkers have different levels of skill.
  7. Report Fa6, the lowest form of troll is the Report Fa6, they can’t do any kind of trolling well, and are in a constant state of butthurt feeling attacked and offended by everyone else’s awesomeness, so they just report everything you do and say until your account gets deleted.  This is the lowest form of troll because they hate freedom of speech.  Bryan Khemraj Shastri Carpen is the Worst of the Worst of Report Fa6s, he doesn’t just report you with his main profile, he makes multiple sock accounts and reports you from all of them.  He stays in groups where nobody likes him and reports everybody that comes after him.  After the Trollocaust in Fight Club I stopped going on FB because it had become a meritocracy of Butthurt and report fa66otry.  The mistake most new fa6z make is they say essentially this HA HA HA HA!!!!  I AM LAUGHING AT YOU, YOU ARE SO STUPID.  But a genuinely skilled troll will make everybody else laugh at you.  I was getting 40 – 50 likes instantly on my photoshops.  Carpen reported so frequently that facebook didn’t just delete my photoshops they deleted my profile and the profiles of anybody that had clicked like.  To this day the lamer Carpen still hangs out in Fight Club claiming to be the new king.  Everybody else pretty much left the group and he claimed that it was because he wasn’t posting that much in their anymore.  But nobody wants to interact with a known butthurt, report fa6.  (


Punk Psychology


I have always hated punks.  Punks are the biggest Satan Worshippers, and Anarchists, and Marxists and Contrarians when they are children.  They rebel against anybody’s authority over themselves and then when they grow up they turn into the most tyrannical, despotic, Authoritarian, control freaks you would ever want to know.

Holder Announces Updates For New Program For Building Community Trust In Police

Punks are either never authentic and honest or having been so and receiving negative feedback, they don’t stand behind what they believe.  They are spineless, feckless, nut-less wonders, that will turn on you and stab you in the back should the opportunity present itself.  Remember, Psychopaths always attack first, or act like they were attacked first, or mount a false attack on themselves so they can appear to retaliate.  Not the first cause of the bad but the second cause of the good.


A turncoat is a person who shifts allegiance from one loyalty or ideal to another, betraying or deserting an original cause by switching to the opposing side or party. In political and social history, this is distinct from being a traitor, as the switch mostly takes place under the following circumstances:



Gender Roles In Islam and Judeo-Christianity

15 - 2

Sigmund Freud referred to circumcision as a form of oedipal aggression.  I am going to assume that everybody reading this is familiar with my theories on the evolution of religion and my male and female psychology.  Abraham was separating his identity from the Persian/Babylonian death cults, as part of that separation of identity he instituted male Circumcision.  This was done to make men less aggressive towards women a kind of shaming of them, a subtle form of trauma based mind control.

I have traced the origins of Judeo-Christian Marriage to Pythagorus, who I now know created the Western concept of marriage.  Marriage in the ancient world was a property contract, as it still is in the Muslim world, because what Mohammed did was rebrand the tyrannical Babylonian death cults as a Judeo-christian religion under the Guise of the Abrahamic Law Code when in fact it was that Ancient Evil which necessitated the creation of the Abrahamic religion.

The Bible refers to the woman as the complement of the man, this was a term from the math cults started by Pythagorus, they were using it as a math term as in complementary and supplementary angles (angels).


Unlike the Muslim/Babylonian marriage, in which women had responsibilities but no rights, in the Judeo-Christian marriage which was a business contract women had responsibilities and rights but they were still subordinate to me.


The actual reasoning behind female genital mutilation and I won’t show you what they do but you could easily do an image search online, is that women should not enjoy sex, because that makes them Sharmouta (whores).  Only men are supposed to enjoy sex.  Women have their clitoris cut off and their labia removed, then their labia are stitched together so they make a tight seal over the womb (which causes health problems and discomfort).  This happens because women are supposed to be obviously virginal and so that the first intercourse is as painful as possible.

15 - 1

Psychologically this is also done to communicate to the child that the parents, tribe or religion actually own the vagina of the child, which is to say, the Muslim Woman does not own her own body and cannot use her own discretion in choosing a mate, but that decision will be made for her by her tribe.

Honor killing

An honor killing or honour killing (see spelling differences) is the homicide of a member of a family by other members, due to the perpetrators’ belief that the victim has brought shame or dishonor upon the family, or has violated the principles of a community or a religion, usually for reasons such as refusing to enter an arranged marriage, being in a relationship that is disapproved by their family, having sex outside marriage, becoming the victim of rape, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, or engaging in homosexual relations.


What is really interesting is that Muslims claim to be persecuted by racism, when in fact they are the perpetrators and perpetuators of racism.  When you exert an influence on your own kind to not fraternize with other people, and you have a strategy for out -breeding everybody else, and taking as many of the women of every other culture, and killing anybody in your own culture who converts or fraternizes with another culture that is racist.  It is part of the tyrannical mentality of Muslims to dominate the entire globe and subject everybody to their own authority.

What is interesting is that if you look at the history of Cro-magnon man and Neanderthal, it was thought that one went extinct.  But what we find is that they interbred.  All non-africans are part Neanderthal.  What this means is that one group of people has always historically been more open minded and accepting of the other, while the more tribal group was bent on the extinction of the other.

There is a direct correlation between Stupidity, Violence, and Tribalism.  If you look at the persistent myth that the Afro-Asian man populated the world and invented civilization, this doesn’t stand up to fact, or scrutiny and yet the narrative spreads because nobody is willing to confront it.  One of the arguments that persists is that Africans somehow were in South America, evidence for this is the Olmec heads.


I don’t even have to check haplo-groups in order to tell you that this is false.  I have an uncanny ability to recognize a person’s heritage based entirely on facial structure.  It is obvious to me that the Maori seeded all of the pacific islands and that the Africans were never noted seafaring people.

maoHawaiians, Fijians, and Tongans all look like the Maori and have the same customs more or less.