Permanent Victim Status

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I wanted to explain how the psychopathic/female mind works when it makes superficial Aesthetic snap decisions. The female mind thinks of expanding and increasing it’s authority, it does so by usurping the authority of reason.

Now, based on my psychological models there are essentially 3 types of Authority:

Sapiential Authority— Moral Authority— Coercive Authority

These correspond to the brain in it’s 3 stages of development:


Which Correspond to:

Super Ego——Ego——Id

Now I refer to the Psychopathic mind as the Mother/Child mind.  Because psychopaths are over-coddled children, and the mind of the enabling toxic mother and the psychopathic child are comorbid with one another.  Working together to thwart reason, and steal the surplus created by the Father Principle.

The Authority of the mother exists because of the child.  Children start out as irrational emotional little creatures completely dependent on other’s for their survival.  They communicate no analytical data and only emotional data.  They are quite irrational.  But from the perspective of Mercy and Charity the Irrational Delusions of the Over Coddled Child make sense to the Mother Principle who knows that her authority comes from the existence of the child.   Since the Mother’s brain evolved to make sense of the Irrational and delusional mind of the child the emotions and desires of the child have more value or merit to her than they do to the father principle but also she is more akin to the reasoning of the Over Coddled Child than she is to that of the Father Principle or Reason which she perceives as a hostile, foreign, will.

To protect, increase, and expand her authority she must maintain the pole position preventing the relationship between reason and action.   (Coercive Authority represents not only violence/punishment or coercion but also action and survival into the future)


While the Sociopathic Male brain contemplates the outside world and changes himself to make himself suitable for survival in the world.  The Psychopathic Female brain is turned away from reality and towards relationships, conversations about emotions and about people’s desires and feelings.  Because of the way the female/child brain edits their considerations sets they are ignorant of what the father (Reason) knows.  Reason, in it’s judgments, already accounts for as much Mercy and Charity as is warranted, deserved, and affordable.  Therefore the Appeal to Emotions of the Female/Child mind is also redundant and exaggerated, the female mind increases and expands her authority by usurping the Authority of Reason.


This is easier to explain from the Chinese perspective, to explain how the Western Mind with it’s feminine bias categorizes people and therefore determines if they are deserving of Justice or Mercy.  In the Asian system, Yang-ness, Masculinity is unbroken, symbolized as an unbroken line, and Yin-ness is symbolized as a broken line.


This is how the Western Mind determines if you are worthy of Mercy, and Charity or Justice.  Failure and evil get categorized as Yin or female, and thus they are deserving of Mercy and Charity.  The Western Bias is also self loathing being suspicious of it’s own men, while at the same time reliant on them and incapable of understanding or agreeing with them because they refuse to look at what the Sociopathic Male Brains look at.  (In Joxua’s Psychological Models philosophers are “Enlightened Sociopaths”.)

The mother principle not only protects the child principle from reality, understanding, and Justice, she also protects and nurture’s it’s issues and mental diseases at the same time making the child more aggressive and narcissistic in it’s insanity.  There is a tacit prejudice in the way Mercy and Charity are abused in this perversion.  It assumes that a person or group of people are incapable of raising themselves to the same level everybody else is on, the bar for entry level.  They are incapable of being equal to everybody else under a meritocracy of reason and so they need to be admitted any way and given a handicap to compensate for their natural state of constant failure and ineptitude cause by the over coddling of the mother, but her authority is still intact because the over coddled child is still under her authority and dependent on it.


If you study the psychology and the behavior of the permanent victim it is really quite interesting.  Permanent Victims have at the same time an inferiority complex and a superiority complex.   From their perspective they are superior because they are inferior, their over-coddling mother taught them that they win by failing, this isn’t necessarily expressed overtly but through the incentives and the sequences of events this concept is instilled in the child.  People copy whatever behaviors they see succeeding because they are Acquisitively Mimetic, people are not innately Analytical Philosophers who introspect to see if something is just.  People just want what they want and if they always get what they want they have no reason to give pause.

Now, the permanent victim feels that everything that happens to them happens to them because of their issue, whatever that might be.  “This is happening to me because I am a woman, this is happening to me because I am black.”  Whenever they don’t get everything they want they claim to be victimized because of their issue and invoke the Mother principle of Mercy and Charity.  At the same time, it has been instilled in them, that because their issues are protected they can act as the judge, jury, and executioner on their own behalf, championing themselves and defending themselves vociferously in their delusion and error.


When I started my fiction endeavor,( to reintroduce Wisdom into the literature of the world, I created a civilization known as the Zed, because they were the last civilization before the earth collapsed into anarchy.  One of the tenets of that civilization is that if you are found to be lacking, if you are incapable of contributing more of a surplus than you consume or if you commit a major infraction of the rules, if someone speaks out in your favor for mercy or charity on your part, in disagreement with every body else, then they are responsible for your failure and your fate.  Which means they rely on your resources, not those of society, and if they re-offend you get the same punishment that they do.

The most egregious abuse of Mercy and Charity almost always involves taking the surplus of those who have earned it and squandering it on those who have proven they don’t deserve it.  This is an act of theft and a sabotage of society, it punishes success and rewards failure.  And all to often those asking for Mercy and Charity on the part of others risk no personal financial loss or damage to their reputation, or the need to accomplish the outcome which they guaranteed would be the end.  This pattern in society exactly mimics my psychological models.

When nobody in society takes responsibility for their actions and results, you don’t have a society.


18 thoughts on “Permanent Victim Status”

  1. I am a strong Man with one of the highest and noblest bloodlines in humanity,
    I am a son of Ishmael the son of Abraham the grandson of Shem the son of Noah’ and Prophet Mohammad is my 39’s grandfather and I know them all.

    As a male
    I represent ego and the distinguished Identity,
    I represent history and the struggle for Power,
    I represent Continuity, Development and Evolution.

    But I hereby witness,
    That the female side is much better.

    The Female side represents
    Our mother Earth the sticky moist Mud of our Emotions of fears and Desires,
    and the true reality of the oneness of the Universe.

    Forgive me my father, I cannot Lie

    1. much that they will be too numerous to count.”

      11The angel of the Lord also said to her:

      “You are now pregnant

      and you will give birth to a son.

      You shall name him Ishmael,a

      for the Lord has heard of your misery.

      12He will be a wild donkey of a man;

      his hand will be against everyone

      and everyone’s hand against him,

      and he will live in hostility

      towardb all his brothers.”

      1. means wild in hebrew it is pronounced “Pra” and in arabic “Pari”,and “Par” means desert , when you add the word “Pri” to donkey or cat or man it will mean wild donkey or wild cat or wild man .

        So translating it to (wild donkey of a man) shows great ignorance in understanding the word of God

        ישכן Means Lives in Hebrew it is pronounced “Ishkn” in Arabic “Yaskon”
        So translating “wa been kol ekhwateh yaskon” which clearly means ” and between all his brothers he will live” to “and he will live in hostility towardb all his brothers” shows hatred and deceive

      2. Lord Ishmael was a holy great man blessed by God and the son of Abraham

        “And as for Ishmael, I have heard thee: Behold, I have blessed him, and will make him fruitful, and will multiply him exceedingly; twelve princes shall he beget, and I will make him a great nation.”(Genesis 17:20)

        and to hint that he was not good is a wicked evil insinuation

      3. Hah, Great Deceiver son of the Father of the Lie, you claim to be Judeo Christian and your Holy Book of Lies reverses the rolls of Ishmael and Isaac, you should be ashamed but Lying Muslims are incapable of feeling shame.

      1. Listen to me me my brother in humanity,

        I am now just replaying on your comment ” I’m banned from Facebook”
        Which shows a will to communicate.

        Please try to forget that I’m a Muslim and that I’m an ancestor of Ishmael and prophet Mohammad,

        We are all very close,
        Just Humans trying to get along, in the harsh stream of life.

        Eleven Grandfathers of mine were born and buried in the city of Fez in Morocco where the Freemasons learned most of their secrets , and I carry hidden secrets that can make most men loose their minds.

        Just listen to me my friend,

        Islam is not your enemy,

        actually you have no enemy,

        but our ignorance makes us all enemies to each other,
        by the will of the universal energy.
        To serve competition,
        Which leads to evolution and continuity.

        Universal Energy = separation & Competition.
        Universal Matter = Connection & Unity.

        Please if you have the ability to erase this message, read it, then erase it.

        even if you have to erase this whole chapter.

  2. There is no (my God and your God), there is only one God, but his characteristics are too complex to be understood by the common people, and this is the real cause of many misunderstanding between them.

    The distinguished people have no problem in understanding each other, they all worship Logic (Logos), and they are bind by his reasonability and honesty.

    I have a great admiration to the Mu’tazilites, I’ve been taught (Islamic theology) and (fundamental of the science of Logic) by the hands one of the rare last Mu’tazilites in this Era , He was a brilliant professor and a wonderful man (may God have mercy upon his soul), and the word “Mu’tazilites” my friend means “the isolated man”, because it is not wise to share this knowledge with the public therefore unfortunately “this conversation cannot continue”

    Thank you
    have a nice day

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