Organic Computers and Nutritional Data


To explain my theory that humans are organic computers, I use the following illustration.

 An animal will choose foods that are more nutritionally dense over foods that it is more accustomed to and that are healthier for it.  It will eat those foods until it dies of the negative side affects of eating unhealthy nutritionally dense foods.  

Now when I say Nutritionally dense I am not speaking so much in terms of Healthy, I am talking about refined Macro Nutrients: Protein, Carbohydrates, and Fat.  While in a state of Nature where these Nutrients are scarce, they have positive survival data, we are now living in a state of relative ease where nutrition is easy to come by.  Unfortunately, our consciousness hasn’t evolved to be aware of the fact that foods being easier to come by, process and refine, our tastes should change towards that which is good for us.

fried snickers bacon

This happens because of the Hardwiring known as neural myelination.  I believe that we pass on cellular memory to our children and every thought and action creates Neural Myelination which hardwires behaviors and sentiments into our being. These normative judgments are not like genuine philosophical inquiry and analysis because they don’t take into account how things have changed and that they are changing.  Neural Myelination acts like grooves in the dirt road in an old cowboy town.  As we navigate the old town our buggy falls into the grooves in the road and our choices and destiny are pretty much predetermined.  I also refer to this as living life unconsciously.  Heideggar, said, and I am paraphrasing “the duty of the philosopher is to overturn the covert judgments of common reason.”  and he was probably quoting another philosopher, I forget his name.

double down

In my Organic Computer theory every interaction between the individual and the world is an exchange of data in some form, and that data has positive or negative data for the individual.  The problem comes in the way in which the data is received and which is given priority.  For example the eating of the super-nutritionally dense foods has positive survival data sentimentally, because the food tastes really good, on an animal level it has positive emotional data, which is to say, it makes us FEEL that we are surviving well, when in fact our organism hasn’t evolved to process that kind of high caloric intake.  So, from a conscious analytical perspective of self scrutiny, self control, and self discipline, the act in fact has negative survival data.


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