Documenting the Attitudes of Muslims on Google +

bader abduallah


This Muslim troll is harassing my personal friend and fellow Anti-Islam advocate, what we will see in this blog is that his attitude and perspective are common and predictive of Muslim males and further reason that Islam should not be granted recognition as a religion, so that they can’t protect their bigotry and intolerance and hatred of women under religious freedom.

untitled3My good buddy from Holland, Oogenhand, recently informed me that the Arabic word “sharmouta” comes from the word “sarmatian”.  I have no reason to doubt this as I myself am a linguist and a philologist.  I did a little investigation and I came up with some interesting information about the Sarmatians.

The Sarmatians (Latin: Sarmatæ or SauromatæGreekΣαρμάται, Σαυρομάται) were an Iranian people of the classical antiquity period, flourishing from about the 5th century BC to the 4th century AD.[1][2] They spoke Scythian, an Indo-European language from the Eastern Iranian family.

Their women, so long as they are virgins, ride, shoot, throw the javelin while mounted, and fight with their enemies. They do not lay aside their virginity until they have killed three of their enemies, and they do not marry before they have performed the traditional sacred rites. A woman who takes to herself a husband no longer rides, unless she is compelled to do so by a general expedition. They have no right breast; for while they are yet babies their mothers make red-hot a bronze instrument constructed for this very purpose and apply it to the right breast and cauterize it, so that its growth is arrested, and all its strength and bulk are diverted to the rightshoulder and right arm.

The first thing I notice is that we as Caucasians were there, in Persia, long ago.  The word Caucasian comes from the Caucasus mountains which are in Russia.  Not just that but, archaeologists are constantly finding Caucasian mummies all over China.  (

Of further interest to me is that compared to surrounding cultures they were rather egalitarian treating men and women as relative equals.  Women fought next to their men, this allowed women to better understand men, as they had equal rights they also had equal responsibilities.


Lastly, what you will notice is the derision and contempt that has been recorded and passed on down to this time from the perspective of the Arabic culture.  Associating the Sarmatians with whores.  While we were native to these areas, we were pushed out of those areas to either extremity of the continent.  What this tells me is that, while we consider ourselves to be racist and intolerant of other cultures, historically quite the opposite is true.  This is also part of my other theories, which I will eventually delve into more, but what we will find is that this pattern repeats throughout history, we will investigate why this happens and we will see what it has to do with my theories on male and female brains and the evolution of the human mind.  



4 thoughts on “Documenting the Attitudes of Muslims on Google +”

  1. Okay. I am officially confused as to your thoughts on women. Sometimes you don’t care for them, other times you feel, as it appears in this article that you find people like these despicable. Which is great, I do as well. However… which is it?

    1. It depends on how people are in relationship with me, men, and the world. Your question is blind to the behavior of women as a group and as individuals, and to how they treat me and talk to me. It is a typical feminine tactic to expect men to be predictable while women game them manipulate them sabotage them lie to them and sit in judgment of them.

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