Women Described as Elektrons


I am going to describe the female mind in terms of my Organic Computer Theory and in terms of my experiences and meditations.  Women are like electrons in that they have a negative charge, I am speaking about women in general, not all women specifically, this negative charge comes from their desire to be the center of attention, to be pretty, to be admired.  It also comes from the way in which the female brain is arranged, it want’s things to be done for it by merit of it’s being pretty.  It thinks in terms of it’s desires, and needs and the desires and needs of those she projects her sense of self onto.  Like electrons, women can leap off unpredictably at any time in any direction.  In order for the  Protons in the nucleus to attract an electron they have to have a positive charge or be in an excited state.  They have to have a surplus that is attractive to the electron.  The more surplus they possess the more electrons they will attract.

The peculiar thing about the female mind is that women think they are the center of the Nucleus, they think they are the reason for the season, they think the relationship is about themselves, and they think with the powers of their femininity and powers of attraction they are generating all the value that the relationship is creating.  They edit their consideration set not to think about the world outside of the atom, or how their behavior in that relationship affects the Atoms relationship with the surrounding environment, they only think about getting as much from the relationship as they can, and they are only interested in the relationship in so far as they can get from it and socially climb in the relationship.

It is the way women behave in relationship that is robbing the Western World of Value and destroying not only the family unit but the very fabric of society.  Women view men as disposable, bouncing from relationship to relationship, competing with other women to see how much they can get from a man, and using their relationships with men to establish dominance over other women.  Ask yourself, What kind of men participate with a game that is rigged against them?  And the men that are determined to compete and win on a slanted playing field, how are they generating their surplus?  Not by creating value for society, that is for sure.  Not by doing honest work.  Women, like electrons, don’t take responsibility for the over all success in the end.  They don’t think about creating solutions and relationships that benefit everybody.


One of the things I observed as I was studying the narrative between men and women to see how male and female brains were in relationship with one another was the feminine use of “We” and “you”.  When women were demanding the participation of the man for their benefit they would say, “we need to do this,”  but when the man asked for her participation in something that needed to be done to maximize value for the relationship the response almost always was,”you need to use your own resources to make that happen.”  The female mind presupposes the surplus of someone else to get what she wants.  She enters into relationship not to create value for everyone, just herself, and those who expand and increase her authority.


The ancient Greeks knew much more about human psychology than we do today, that is why they had an age of accountability to mark the end of the authority of the Mother.  In the case of daughters, the daughter would get married and then her husband would be her authority.  In the case of sons the Father would become the authority and in the Gymnasium the father would teach the son the laws governing, combat, finance, and good form in business and law.  The son would become a conscious and responsible citizen of the polis.  The reason that modern, western, society is collapsing is because the Authority of the Mother in the form of Mercy and Charity, never cease.  A person commits a crime and they say “I wasn’t responsible, I didn’t know.”  And this argument is used as a mantle to protect evil as evil people avail themselves of it more aggressively and frequently than do reasonable people.

Unless you can make women aware of what they are doing and how they are doing it, this process will never be arrested.  Women are naturally not inclined to self scrutiny, or self control, or self discipline, those are masculine virtues.  To quote myself Psychopaths have to do things psychopathicly, in order to do their will.  Likewise, Women have to do things femininely in order to do their will.


Women are aggressive in the relationship and submissive towards society, this is not helpful for the relationship.  Women also internalize all of the judgments of society, all of the normative thinking of society, it is society and societal norms that determine how women relate to everything and everyone.  Women don’t just have double standards, they have triple and quadruple standards and more than that even.  Society does women’s thinking for them.  Women want to appear to be harmless, the want to be everybody’s friend.

“A friend to all is a friend to none.”  Aristotle

“No one trusts a woman, not even a woman.”  Aristotle

“Women are apt to seduce men into making irrational political decisions” -Spinoza

“Women regulate their actions not by the demands of universality, but by arbitrary inclinations and opinions”

– Hegel


Frankly, at this point, the only hope to restore the balance is female male rights activists.  A strong voice of discontent has to be raised against Western Women from Western Women, to undo the patterns that are already becoming the norm.  Feminists don’t want equality with Western Men, they want the permanent subjugation of the Western Male.  They want to force female communication rituals so that men can’t talk, think, or act like men.  Men aren’t allowed to scrutinize or criticize or disagree with women.  The economy is being scaled down so that the government keeps women happy, and women get jobs they haven’t earned and aren’t executing well.  The female mind is naturally callous to the opinions and desires of men, so when you create a society in which women don’t rely on men and don’t have to think about men, they don’t, which is to say, men are forgotten about, left behind as it were.  What we are witnessing is the criminalization of masculinity…


Historically speaking, where survival is hard masculine values dominate, when survival is easy female values dominate, the economy is going away, the structures of authority are collapsing, and in order to keep women happy and to shut them up we are compensating by lying to them about what is going on.  There are cultures that protect masculinity, like Muslims, and when the structures of authority finally collapse, those cultures with masculine values in which women follow, and support their men will be successful and the others will not.

The interesting thing about the Muslim culture is this, men can be physically violent with women and the men judge what is proper for women.  This should be a deterrent for women joining, but it is not.  Why?  Because the female mind is more susceptible to trauma based mind control than male brains.  This is not a commonly known fact but women are actually aroused by violence, whether it be against them or others.  Violence awakens in women an awareness of their frailty and a need to rely on something other than themselves.


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