Parents as Gestalt Models for Gods


If you think about how children grow up, starting in the womb, vaguely being able to hear their parents voices, Daddy’s voice being lower and less comforting, Mommies voice being more soothing and more present, on an unconscious and sub-conscious level we imprint on our parents as god-like forces and we automatically think that is the way the universe works.  There is an incorrect conceit in the Atheist community that children are born as blank slates, this is the Skinnerian, Behaviorist, model that was falsified by Noam Chomsky, his model has been proved correct repeatedly.  Not to mention Anthropomorphism is a cultural universal.  (

As the child grows they become partial usually to whichever parent is more enabling, this means whichever parent protects their issues and gives them the most things they want.  This is a toxic relationship in which the parents compete against one another for the affections of the children.  The mother has the pole position to win the affections of the child if she is so inclined.  She can also turn the child against the father with relative ease.

As the child continues to grow, they will find themselves more reliant on either the male or female paradigm for their success in life, feeling naturally more comfortable around one or another.  The father some times takes the place of reason, unless he is a toxic enabling figure, and the mother takes the place of Mercy and Charity, which even if it isn’t in it’s toxic form can steal be toxic in application since Mercy and Charity are often used to usurp the authority of Reason.  As Fritz Perls said, “when a person wants to win they use whichever behaviors they believe are dominant.”

A child that imprints on the Mercy Charity model will always use that to pre-empt justice, and reason, in order to expand and increase their personal authority.  At the same time they will not take responsibility for the final result.  They will argue what others should do with their resources for the benefit of someone else.  There is no real altruism.  Everything is done for personal gain, it just comes down to how we define ourselves and who we identify with.  At the same time we find that unconditional love isn’t really love, it is a bastardization of love, for the reason that a psychopath will take advantage of the openness of affection more so than a more rational child will, so unconditional love without being tempered by the other virtues, justice, wisdom, and strength, actually rewards evil more than good.  Like sugar as a form of energy for living organisms feeds everything equally but it feeds blood born pathogens and harmful bacteria more than those beneficial agencies in the body.  A more intelligent love or discriminating source of energy is required.  Only a principled love, with strength, can feed righteousness more than evil, because evil is greedy.



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