Meta data, how I generate predictions based on what I see.


In a recurring effort to explain my technique for deconstructing narrative and body language in order to make predictions and to understand what is happening now and what is going to happen I am going to let you take a look at a recent incident through my eyes.  I am going to describe it in my terms and tell you what I know about the behaviors elicited.

Jon Stewart, a very smart man, recently chided president Obama on his handling of the Russian incursion into the Ukraine. I also was bemused by the Presiden’t behavior but not exactly for the same reasons.  I will describe what I saw in that behavior and insert some salient points from Paul Eckman’s technique for determining if a person is lying.

“The most common vocal deception clues are pauses.  The pauses may be too long or too frequent.”  “Speech errors may also be a deception clue.  These include nonwords, such as ‘ah’, ‘aaa’, and ‘uhh’; repetitions, such as ‘I, I, I mean I really…’  and partial words, such as ‘I rea,really liked it.”  “High detection apprehension may cause the prepared liar to stumble for forget her line.”   “Hearing how badly she sounds may make a liar more afraid of being caught, which only increases her pauses and speech errors.”  Paul Eckman, TELLING LIES, Clues to Deceit in the Marketplace, Politics, and Marriage.


What I am trying to express to you is that when I see something, I do not see what you see, different meta data is communicated to me.  Obama doesn’t intend to do anything about Russia currently.


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