More of my Theories on the Female Mind.


I wanted to describe this incident in terms of my theories on the Male and Female minds. According to my theories it is the female mind that takes offense through “superficial Aesthetic Snap decisions”.


This is the mind that sees and hears without understanding, it reacts immediately out of a negative emotional reaction without reasoning.  The female minds instinct is to usurp masculine authority and by that I mean the Authority of Reason, by expanding feminine authority in the form of mercy and charity.    Reason already incorporates as much mercy as is warranted and deserved, the female mind wants to silence the male mind by talking over it, not listening to it, being emotionally abusive to it, and physically violent towards it.  While Sapiential Authority acts on reason, Moral Authority (feminine authority) usurps the Authority of Reason and attempts to increase and expand the authority of Mercy and Charity.  If it isn’t pleasant you can’t say it.  (

Notice too, that there is a flow of acceptable negative emotional data, that the human mind, specifically the Western Mind presupposes.  The weaker and stupider a person is the more aggressive and abusive they are allowed to be towards the thing judged superior to themselves.  The baby can scream at the mommy, mommy can scream at daddy, but the flow of emotional data can’t be reversed without offending the Feminine Bias of the Western mind, unless of course you are a Muslim and then it is part of your culture and the female mind argues for mercy and charity for that too.



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