Secret society war pt. II Rabbi Ba’al Shivah


Some things that have come to light recently have got me thinking.  It seems to me that it might really be about who gets to have sex with the kids.  I am being facetious in my usual a55holish kind of way, but I am about to make my case.  

Shem (Hebrew: שֵם, Modern Shem Tiberian Šēm ; Greek: Σημ Sēm; Ge’ez: ሴም, Sēm; “renown; prosperity; name”

This is what I get when I put the word shem in Babylon translator I have removed some other words that obscure my point rather than clarify it:

to put,  appoint ,name, reputation, fame, moniker, sky, heaven, be placed, set up, to pretend, put oneself, to assess, value

I can’t prove this but I would bet money that the word Gem if you go back far enough, and obviously modern etymologies are incapable of doing so, the word Gem comes from the world Shem, furthermore, I would also bet money that if you went back far enough you would find that the word Jew elry comes is associated with the word Jew.  

The story of King Solomon is the metaphor for initiation into Freemasonry.  What is Solomon built his temple with a name, a sterling reputation.  Many monks will take a new name upon initiation.  If you look at how much child molestation has cropped up recently all over the world in bizarre places it makes one wonder if there are some secret societies that are based on this child rape.  Ponder this, It is the possessing of the untarnished reputation that allows one to get close to the children in the first place.  


Sexual deviants are not only highly motivated because of the nature of their addiction they are relatively easy to control with threats of  leaking facts about them if they were to, let’s say, not fulfill their obligations to a secret society.  

I am not suggesting that Freemason’s are a child sex cult, what I am suggesting is that their very well might be child sex cults out there.  Observe:

Plato accounts for the pederastic aspect of the myth by attributing its origin to Crete, where the social custom of paiderastía was supposed to have originated (see “Cretan pederasty“).[9] He has Socrates deny that Ganymede was the “catamite” of Zeus, and say the god loved him non-sexually for his psychē, “mind” or “soul,” giving the etymology of his name as ganu-, “taking pleasure,” and mēd-, “mind.” Ganymede, he points out, was the only one of Zeus’s lovers who was granted immortality.[10]

In poetry, Ganymede became a symbol for the beautiful young male who attracted homosexual desire and love.


Pederasty in ancient Greece was a socially acknowledged erotic relationship between an adult male (theerastes) and a younger male (the eromenos) usually in his teens.[1] It was characteristic of the Archaicand Classical periods.[2] Some scholars locate its origin in initiation ritual, particularly rites of passage onCrete, where it was associated with entrance into military life and the religion of Zeus.[3]

The social custom called paiderastia by the Greeks was both idealized and criticized in ancient literatureand philosophy;[4] it has no formal existence in the Homeric epics, and seems to have developed in the late 7th century BC as an aspect of Greek homosocial culture,[5] which was characterized also by athletic andartistic nudity, delayed marriage for aristocrats, symposia, and the social seclusion of women.[6] The influence of pederasty was so pervasive that it has been called “the principal cultural model for free relationships between citizens.”[7]

Ponder this, it was common for a Greek man to have a family and a wife, now he also had a young male lover and to that one he taught his philosophy.  Aristotle was gay a fact many people don’t know.  I can’t remember the name of his lover but he was 6 feet tall, spoke with a lisp and had long blonde hair, he was a military strategist and was undefeated in battle, he saved Greece from Persia and as happened all to frequently he was forced to flee to Persia when jealous Greeks turned on him because of his fame.  I think his name might have been Hephaestion, and he was also personal friends and perhaps lover to Alexander the Great.  


Their tutor Aristotle described such a friendship as “… one soul abiding in two bodies”

Now the word here used for friendship is Philia, 

Philia (/ˈfɪljə/ or /ˈfɪliə/; Ancient Greek: φιλία), often translated “brotherly love


A fraternity (Latinfrater : “brother”) is a brotherhood, although the term sometimes connotes a distinct or formal organization and sometimes a secret society. A fraternity (or fraternal organization) is an organized society of men associated together in an environment of companionship and brotherhood; dedicated to the intellectual, physical, moral, religious, and/or social development of its members.


Don’t you dare ask me to prove that Aristotle was in a secret society either because I can do it. 

Influence on esoteric groups

Pythagoras started a secret society called the Pythagorean Brotherhood devoted to the study of mathematics. This had a great effect on future esoteric traditions, such as Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism, both of which were scientific/mystical groups dedicated to the study of mathematics/geometry and logical reasoning as opposed to religious dogma. Both Freemasonry and Rosicrucianism have claimed to have evolved out of the Pythagorean Brotherhood. The mystical and occult qualities of Pythagorean mathematics are discussed in a chapter of Manly P. Hall’s The Secret Teachings of All Ages entitled “Pythagorean Mathematics”.[81]


Aristotle described Pythagoras as a wonder-worker and somewhat of a supernatural figure, attributing to him such aspects as a golden thigh, which was a sign of divinity. According to Muslim tradition, Pythagoras was said to have been initiated by Hermes (Egyptian Thoth).[55] According to accounts of Aristotle and others, some ancients believed that he had the ability to travel through space and time and to communicate with animals and plants.[56] An extract from Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable‘s entry entitled “Golden Thigh”:

A secret society is a philoish, a philosophical family, a fraternity.  

In SSTOC (shared state theory of communication) part of my psychological model on human communication.  A person who had been raped, and a person who had raped, would know the psychological impact of having anal sex at a young age.  Modern psychology tells us that the biggest single impact on a youth’s personality as he is growing up are his peers, which is to say the other children that he grows up around, but what if there was some way to change that?  What if something is known by people who have long engaged in ritual sodomy of young boys?  If there were something it wouldn’t be known by other people who don’t engage in it. 

“Give me the child, and I will mould the man.”

“Give me the child for seven years,
and I will give you the man.”

“Give me the child until he is
seven and I care not who has him thereafter.”

“Give me the child till the age of seven
and I will show you the man.”

~Jesuit Saying

What if having sex with a child does something to their mind that makes them think of you as a peer or an equal instead of otherizing you like they usually do.  Some form of  trauma based mind control.  Because of the way a child’s mind neural myelinates…. I don’t even know what to say here, I have never read any research on the topic because if there is any it most likely isn’t available to the public.  But I think this is something that somebody should look into.  All I can do is introspect and use my obscene abilities of pattern recognition to point it out to others.