The reason I don’t believe in relationship anymore.


Most people don’t understand the concept of what Aristotle was talking about, he was talking about philia, 

Philia (/ˈfɪljə/ or /ˈfɪliə/; Ancient Greek: φιλία), often translated “brotherly love“, is one of the four ancient Greek words for love. Philia, Storge, agape and eros inAristotle‘s Nicomachean Ethics is usually translated as affectionate regard or “friendship“.[1]

He was making reference to a philoish, which is a philosophical family.  The closest thing to that today is a Fraternity, but not like a college Fraternity, more like a Secret Society.  


I have a saying, “if you don’t understand me you can’t love me.”  I am a very deep and complicated person and somewhat of an expert on myself.  In order to feel loved I would need to be understood, and understanding me isn’t easy, hell, becoming me wasn’t easy, but I like myself and I understand myself.  I have had several people, all of them women, tell me that they could love me without understanding me, no, they can’t and they didn’t.  If your love isn’t specifically crafted for me, then you are not loving me, you are giving me some manner of generic love, a stupid love, because it is not genuine and not for me.  

A friend to all is a friend to none.


I am not only not of this world I am AGAINST THE WORLD.  The world is screwed up, Reason has fled, relationship is impoverished, the laughter of fools everywhere, the leaders are corrupt nincompoops.  I worship the god of reason, I move towards the solution.  My emotions and my body follow the dictates of reason, now for me to be in a relationship with a person less wise than myself whose Reason follows their emotion that would not allow me to do my will.  In order for me to stay in that relationship I would have to force my reason to follow their emotions which means I would give up on my purpose and lose my soul, unacceptable.  

Being that I am on a path and moving in a direction towards a solution for the sake of the world to destroy the current world, in order for relationship to exist for me the other person would have to be on my level at this point in time, moving at the same speed, towards the same goal.  If they weren’t on my level then the only relationship we could have is an educational one in which I am the teacher.  Should I meet somebody that is in front of me moving towards the same goal who knows more than myself then I would let them teach me, because I am reasonable. 


Now what most people call relationship is more like 2 boats passing each other in the night.  You never really know the other person.  When relationship begins you don’t know each other at all, relationship is a process of getting to know one another. Most people are shallow, fake, superficial people that conceal their true self and misrepresent who they are.  My last gf used to constantly ask me, “where is the nice man I met,”  and I would respond, “you killed him.”  What she was trying to do was to force me back in time to when she didn’t know anything about me, and we hadn’t had any disagreements, and none of her lies had been uncovered, and none of her strategic behavior had been exposed.  She thought she had the right to lie, emotionally abuse, manipulate, sabotage, refuse to participate, demand my participation, and all other manner of psychopathic strategic behavior.  She thought she had the right to terrorize the relationship for her own benefit if she wasn’t getting everything she wanted while at the same time denying me everything I needed.  


Every event in the relationship not only characterizes the relationship and determines how we feel about it it also characterizes the other person in the relationship and both people in the relationship to people outside the relationship.  If you are in relationship unconsciously you are creating friction and releasing negative energy, so I have a saying, “Save your best for first and constantly strive to increase your best.”  


What usually happens in relationship is that people’s paths cross, like star-crossed lovers, and as time goes on they realize that they are moving in two different directions.  At this point one of them tries to coerce or seduce the other into following them on their course, what this means is that one party has to follow the other and give up on their dreams.  Relationships should create value for both parties not just one party.  The relationship should help each person do their own will.  It should create value for both of them, not a relationship where one party parasites off the other.  

People shouldn’t be aggressive in the relationship against the relationship, they should be aggressive for the relationship, aggressive against the world.  They shouldn’t try to hi-jack the relationship.  It is a process of learning and growing and increasing the value of the people in the relationship.  It is a process of mutually perfecting one another and helping one another do our own will.  One of the problems I have with Jesus saying,”Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.”  Is that what I want for myself is not what other people want for themselves and unless we share the same philosophy, who is to say they are going to reciprocate in kind?  I want what I want, you want what you want, don’t try to force me to do your will and I won’t force my good on you.  Amen. 


2 thoughts on “The reason I don’t believe in relationship anymore.”

  1. I think lots of people don’t realize that they have different communication (fulfillment) strategies, so most of us in a “relationship” (connection or state of connection), are actually not connected at all and are actually in a masturbatory relationship with themselves using the other person as a reflection. The “art” of being in a connected relationship is to care more for the other person than you do for yourself. Then, and only then, will you invest the “effort” to communicate using their strategies thereby deeply connecting on auditory, visual and kinesthetic levels. Relationships are actually levels of regard, or disregard, for the other.

    1. That is the problem for me. Nobody seems to invest the same amount in the relationship that I do. So now, I put into the relationship whatever the other person invests, and I don’t take responsibility for the consequences.

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