Sex Deconstructed in terms of SSTOC


I want to show people how I perceive and understand reality, it took years of study and meditation in order for me to create my psychological science in order to create a bridge from my personal experience in the form of rational description for others to understand what I understand.

Let us take the subject of heterosexual sex and deconstruct it so that we can see what motivates both parties.  It is a shared state in that we can agree two parties are there and are having sex, but this experience is shared by two completely different minds and perspectives.  What motivates and arouses the male is not necessarily what motivates and arouses the female.  What he thinks is going on is not necessarily agreed upon.  The male is simply aroused by sex and the positive attention and affection, he is not looking for anything beyond that, unless he is.  Some men are opportunistic reproducers and will take any opportunity to reproduce.  We didn’t even know that opportunistic reproducers existed until we created sperm banks and observed their strategic behavior.

Now women are different, most women will not and cannot be aroused by sex alone unless they have male minds.  Women are not attracted to a man whose DNA they don’t want to see reproduced (with few exceptions)  There are some contrarian women, more than you might think, that will force themselves to have sex with men they are not naturally attracted to.  In my experience women are much more capable of being false to their natural instincts than men.  In order to prove other’s wrong they will ignore their natural desires and express themselves falsely.  This shows that they are not actually engaged in relationship honestly but strategically.  They are more interested in proving somebody else, outside of the relationship wrong than being authentic and present in the relationship, this is interesting because it shows how women are more interested in the herd, competing with other women, and proving others wrong than they are present and invested in their relationships, succeeding in their 1 to 1 relationships.  They rather see themselves as part of a herd.


A natural, honest, woman will not be aroused by a man who she feels is genetically undesirable.  Now in the act of arousal a man is stimulated by what arouses him and the woman is stimulated by what arouses her (unless one of them is faking).  Assuming that the arousal is mutual it creates enough value for both of them to remain in the relationship.  Now let us examine the organism.  Women were not made for sex they were made for conception.  While the man is aroused by the woman, the woman, whether she is aware of it or not, is aroused by the concept of children.  Even a woman who simply likes sex, on an unconscious physical level, her body is aroused by the concept of conceiving.


Osho said that women, sexually, are the polar energetic reversal of men.  Women are lunar in the uterus, and solar in the nipple, while men are solar in the penis and lunar in the nipple.  Women are more interested in their authority than they are in the source of their authority, which is to say, the woman is physically predisposed to being more interested in children than she is in her husband.



Now let us examine the normative presuppositions made about relationship.  We presuppose that the woman is the object of desire, that men chase women, what if that is not the case?  What if women had to pay a stud fee?  Why do women not have the onus of responsibility and pursue the man they want?   Why do we think that women should not have good taste in the matter?  

Women would want to have children even if marriage didn’t exist.  Since we know that women are more likely than men to get a divorce, why do we blame men for the divorce?  Why do we punish men?  Why do we not, instead, create a system based on an understanding of male and female inclination which doesn’t create a disparate impact?  Why does the government essentially take sides in the matter?

Imagine that women could have anybodies child they wanted, without putting financial responsibility on the man and looping him into this unfair cycle of blame and responsibility?  Can women not choose consciously and before hand what they want?

What happens when you expect men to pursue and seduce women instead of relying on the good taste of the women is you create a type of relationship where the women operating on ego consciousness has an incentive to get as much attention as possible and to force men to compete for her attention, while she competes with other women for the most attention of men.  This robs everybody of value, look at the phoniness of Kim Kardasian’s relationships.  It is not a relationship it is theater, advertising, her vagina is a billboard to her own ego.  Other women copy her.  What this type of relationship does is it exposes women to being manipulated by the most psychopathic male.  The one that lies to her the best.  The one that spends the most money, how did he get that money?  By creating value for society?  Or by stealing from society?


Not to mention, when we assume the normal relationship, society having a normative bias and presupposing that what they have seen is normal and good.  We invite the prejudices of society into the relationship.  Many times I have communicated the type of relationship I want to have ahead of time, and when the woman didn’t want to participate she want outside of the relationship and invoked the normative judgments of people that didn’t know what kind of relationship we had or what we had agreed upon between ourselves.  She brought the authority of the herd to put psychological pressure on me, to force me into the relationship she wanted, and to control and influence my behavior.  Of course every time this happened I just left the relationship.  Interesting how psychopaths approaching the relationship strategically are aggressive in the relationship not for the relationship, creating negative feelings in the relationship as a form of emotional abuse, all the while expecting you to stay in the relationship.  Since my last failed relationship I have forsworn women, in this economy, in this political environment, women are more of a liability, than a boon, more of a curse than a blessing.




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