How I Deconstruct Narrative.


Since I have fleshed out my models on what is psychopathic, narrative, thought, and behavior at that time I was able to define what it means to be rational.  At that point I realized rational behavior could be represented as a line, and irrational behavior could be represented as a sine wave.  When I realized that in a rational person who has a philosophy that dictates their behavior that isn’t based entirely on unreasoning self interest, every deviation from Socratic Dialogue was an implicature that the person was a psychopath and it gave clues to their nature.

We are characterized and we characterize ourselves by how we are in relationship with people, events, and things.  All narrative is doxography or point of view.  If I can triangulate the point of view of the person speaking I know where they are standing and I know who they are.  This is why I was referred to as the mind hacker.  Once I knew who I was talking to, I could talk directly to that person on their level.  This freaked people out not everybody, just the majority of the people.  Sociopaths don’t conceal, they want to be understood, and they are better at understanding.  I am talking of course about enlightened sociopaths with a conscious.

My mirror technique was like creating the opposite of the sine wave.  I got the idea from my Ascending Dragon Style Tai Chi martial art.  Once I discover the form of the conquest the psychopath is using, I can mirror it back at them, I call this “confronting the behavior”.  When you mirror the behavior you get to see how the psychopath responds to and is in relationship with their own technique, if they are rational they will not react adversely, if they are irrational they will become emotional and escalate their attack.  The emotional data they communicate gives you clues as to the nature of their reaction to the technique.  If a person is using a technique they shouldn’t mind having it used on them unless they are being arbitrary and trying to create a disparate impact in their favor.

I was inspired to create this technique based on a test for intelligence that they use on animals.  They put them in an enclosure with a mirror and wait to see how long it takes them to realize they are not in the room with another animal.  When they stop attacking they stop being attacked.  Then they will return to the rational line function.  But one must be alert to any even a subtle return back to the wave function.



3 thoughts on “How I Deconstruct Narrative.”

  1. I have made very, very similar paradigms with similar conclusions. I remember thinking that actually the answer I had been looking for to judge fair communication was a simple as what I teach in ESL. If somebody is not responding to the content of your conversation, but simply goes on to talk about something else, that’s a danger signal that something has gone wrong. Socratic dialogues.

    Also the mirroring. I fell upon that idea when I realized that sometimes others want to act as if they have something to say to you, in particular a harsh criticism of something one may or may not have done, but they are merely opportunists who cannot back up what they are inclined to say with any clear thought structure of their own. You need to resist their thoughts unless they can show they have substance, so the best way is to mirror their thoughts back to them. “You see me as [fill in the blank].” Often there is projection involved too, as someone might choose an adjective for me that I cannot relate to. It probably relates to how they see themselves. Finally, if someone becomes really aggressive you can more actively mirror back their attitude toward you, but this is rarely necessary as they have usually gone by then.

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