Gunslinger Metaphor Used to Explain Psychopathy and Sociopathy


I am going to use the metaphor of the gunslinger to explain again the difference between the psychopath and the sociopath.  In this metaphor the gunslinger with the white hat = the sociopath and the gunslinger with the black hat = the psychopath.  The sociopath being a philosopher, critical of himself, educated and experienced does what he does out of a sense of morality, taking it upon himself to draw a line in the sand and prevent the further decay of the form of the good.

The psychopath is opportunistic and younger, thinking only of getting another notch on his gun and increasing his reputation. He knows that for the old gunslinger as he gets older the chances of his losing increase.  So he is betting that he can take him out.

The old gunslinger is famous or rather infamous and hated.  Somebody is always looking to catch him off guard, so he has to be hyper-vigilante, on his toes all of the time, and correct all of the time. The psychopath on the other hand only has to be right once, and he is not the only psychopath looking to bag the sociopath.

The sociopath, having a moral code will not strike first, that would be irrational.  He has to be skilled enough and fast enough to start pulling after his antagonist starts pulling steel and skilled enough to defeat him.  The psychopath on the other hand, needs the conflict, needs to escalate the conflict, and needs to cheat.  He will strike first knowing this gives him an advantage and he will try to misrepresent the fact that he is attacking.  The psychopath can not behave rationally, he has to behave psychopathicly in order to do his will, because he has an agenda and he is upwardly mobile.



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