An update on my 4th of July Prediction



About a week ago I went into a trance, and came back with a realization that their would be some large shift of policy or something to that effect on this 4th of July concerning the world, and having to do with American and Islam.  Since that time tension has continued to escalate.  Their is a Secret society war that is going on right now, and I will make an attempt in the near future, before the 4th to explain who the players are and what they are saying and doing.  Through public events they are speaking to one another.  Certain people will interpret certain events differently and react differently.  All of my predictions that have come true in the past 2 years involved, suicide, death, and mass murder.

Muslims are crucifying Christians as a direct insult and provocation to them and to Americans.  Do not click on the image below if you have a weak stomach.


Recently, President Obama sent 300 troops to “counsel” the Saudi Arabians.  This is a direct homage to religious and historical events, which I explained before this movement in this blog article here.  Explaining the occult and historical significance.




My update on my prediction is this.  On July 4th 2014, president Obama will give a very long, and compelling speech, announcing a policy change with Islam and the world.  This will be a singular event and very important in world trends.  This will be his Magnum Opus, this will be his Gettysburg Address.  He will invoke the symbolism of July 4th, our freedom from Tyranny.  And events have already been set in motion.  I am sure he has speech writers working right now.  I said before this would be very bad, I meant that a lot of people would die from the decision, but it might be necessary, as long as he doesn’t ask us to give up any more of our freedom.  At this point I will have to reserve judgment until all of the facts are in.  It’s not like I am psychic or something.

Here original prediction here.




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