The Problem with Occam’s Razor.

Thought Uncommon




The way in which Occam’s Razor edit’s it’s applicability set is in receiving and collecting knowledge.  It is NOT good for teaching.  

The mind is an association making machine.  It associates things with one another.  Words are like throwing a lasso around a bunch of random objects and connecting them with a narrative.  This is based on my Shared State Theory of Communication.  What do a cat, a man’s head, ice cream, and a red wall have in common?  Nothing, until you have experienced the state in which they are all related.  When teaching or persuading you have to know how to inceive the data.  


In order to do this you have to wrap your mind around that of the person that you are trying to persuade or teach.  It is the art of how minds meet.  I have to know how the person will receive…

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