Framing the cause of the bad.

Atheist Logic Fail



For those of you that are familiar with my psycholinguistic models, any unprovoked deviation from reasoned behavior or Socratic dialogue creates an implicature which I exploit to determine the psyche or gestalt of the person speaking.  Based on how the narrative deviates form reasonable Socratic narrative, I deduce why it has become tangential to reasoned narrative.  You can see based on the conversation the frequency and intensity with which he argues against reason and truth insisting that Religion in the form of the Pope is the cause of the bad (a term from my psychological models) (
The psychopath, who is in relationship with their issues and not with reality has to confirm their gestalt or world view.  They try to reify their issues, making them real to themselves and to other people.  They edit their consideration sets to exclude data that proves them wrong.  From his perspective religion…

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