Back Dooring


This is a name for a behavior used by parents to keep their children under their control even after they grow up.  The parent applies some manner of psychological leverage that the child is susceptible too, some guilt reflex or shame reflex, and they keep applying this method to weaken the defenses of the child.  They apply these triggers in order to force the child to agree with them.  Some parents never intend for their children to be their superiors or even their equals.  They just want to control them like drones.  

The problem is that when their children get out in the world somebody else can figure out their triggers and apply them, to control and manipulate the person.  The person that has been damaged in this way has no idea many times that they have been psychologically damaged so that they can be controlled, and their parents can’t tell them without incriminating themselves, so they allow the control and manipulation of the new psychopath.  

Until people understand the psychopathic mind, and the psychopathic behaviors, and are capable of recognizing them, confronting them, and succeeding against them, bad stuff will keep on happening in the world….


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