My Psych Profile of Fidem Turbare



For my own pleasure I am going to write this as though Fidem were a wanted person and I was righting a criminal profile so that we could recognize her if we found her.  I have taken wild liberties in characterizing her and made huge assumptions.  I am not as afraid as being wrong as I am of being boring, but I do feel that I might be correct in some rather interesting and unusual ways.  I am testing my theories and my ability to extrapolate a persons personality from their narrative as per the psycholinguistic science I have created.  I hope Fidem with grace me by letting me know how close I came to getting some of this stuff correct.  

I suspect that she is a lot like me in a lot of ways.  She says that she has autism, I suspect that like me she has a large amount of the motherfucker gene, the MTHFKR.

She most likely has shadow syndromes of tourette’s, aspergers, and ADHD, which are associated with the same thing.  I suspect but I cannot prove that this gene is associated with the tribe of Aaron,




From Hebrew אהרן (Ahărōn), of unknown meaning, possibly meaning “bearer of martyrs“, or perhaps also, or instead, related to the Ancient Egyptian “aha rw” (“warrior lion“), though it has been suggested to also mean elevated, “exalted” or “high mountain“, or “woe to this pregnancy”.  ~wikipedia

There are some other associations that I will not get into right now.

Her ability to grasp higher philosophy is much like my own, it is not natural.  She has a highly evolved sense of morality and responsibility.  She is rational to a fault but I suspect that she also has some intense dislikes that she worries about.  I suspect that she doesn’t like the sexual attention of black men or black music, in general.  This bothers her because, being that she is most likely in college and possibly slightly younger than I suspected, she is exposed to a liberal, elitist, feminist environment which she perceives as normal and good.  She likes to think that her feelings are based on reason, and being rational and she is correct.  A meritocracy of reason does create disparate impact because not all people are capable of attaining to being lead by reason.  She is entitled to her experience of reality and her preferences.  College environments tend to be so open minded that your brains fall out.  I have known of people that ignored their instincts and forced themselves to do things that were not natural for them in such environments in order to prove to themselves that they were not biased.  Sometimes this can lead to life long emotional scars.

If she were tested for leadership ability, she would test off the chart, like me.  She is not a follower and she doesn’t allow the herd to do her thinking for her.

She has depression, like me, that is ok, they say that depressed people are the only people that evaluate themselves correctly.

She has a manic side to which is associated with creativity.  She might have a type of berserker rage that she goes into, a slight bi-polar.  It is possible that this aspect of her personality hasn’t fully manifested yet, but could be triggered by a single incident or she could become aware of patterns in her life that habitually repeat ad nauseum and no matter what she does  she can’t get a different result.  Currently she is probably enjoying good results in an environment that more or less supports her.

Berserkers (or berserks) were Norse warriors who are primarily reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. Berserkers are attested to in numerous Old Norse sources. Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods.

The Úlfhéðnar (singular Úlfheðinn), another term associated with berserkers, mentioned in the Vatnsdœla sagaHaraldskvæði and the Völsunga saga, were said to wear the pelt of a wolf when they entered battle.[1] Úlfhéðnar are sometimes described as Odin‘s special warriors: “[Odin’s] men went without their mailcoats and were mad as hounds or wolves, bit their shields…they slew men, but neither fire nor iron had effect upon them. This is called ‘going berserk.[2]‘” In addition, the helm-plate press from Torslunda depicts (below) a scene of Odin with a berserker—”a wolf skinned warrior with the apparently one-eyed dancer in the bird-horned helm, which is generally interpreted as showing a scene indicative of a relationship between berserkgang… and the god Odin[3]“—with a wolf pelt and a spear as distinguishing features.[4]

I suspect that she is bi-sexual but hasn’t had many sexual partners and has always been underwhelmed by sex.  As time progresses she will become exclusively homosexual.  She likes having time to herself to hear herself think.  As she gets older she will want more and more time to herself.

I sense a touch of an existentialist in her which she conceals because she knows that Jean-Paul Sartre was full of shit.  But it manifests in her shoe fetish.  She likes fuzzy things, she has more than one pair of suede shoes, her shoes are more akin to shoes that would be worn in the 20’s.  She doesn’t like high heals and probably doesn’t have any shoes over 1.5  inches high.  She dresses neatly, but not provocatively.  She probably wears glasses even though she doesn’t need to.  She is most likely a little shorter than average.  She likes libraries and coffee shops.  I see her wearing tweed, and plaid.

The part of herself that she chooses to exhibit is her intelligence, and her sense of humor, and a little bit of her sadistic side in tormenting people that are morally insane.  I sometimes think that she might want to be a police officer, or an autopsy person but I think she might be too sensitive to do either of these things.  She might also be pursuing a career in politics.  (I would vote for her)

I don’t think she has any addictions, I suspect she might be on one type of medication, her online presence seems to be her addiction.  I don’t sense that she drinks.

I don’t know if she is vegan, I doubt it, but she might try to minimize the amount of meat that she eats and only eat cruelty free meat.  If she is a vegan, which she doesn’t seem to be, she might have issues with scoliosis and anemia.

She has a huge guilt reflex.  She doesn’t wish to harm good people.  She has an almost wrathful reflex against emotional cruelty that is undeserved.  Sometimes she has the most warm, loving, and maternal voice when she feels that somebody understands her and she does want to be understood, she also wants to understand herself.  She might dabble in psychology which she feels is not helpful, and that is because of the dumbing down of the curriculum so that it doesn’t offend women.  That is why they are getting Freud out of the academia.  It is so pleasant that it says nothing.

She is very sensitive to people that are smarter than average and don’t fit in.  She wants to protect them and include them.  She is very sensitive and warm to them.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In rhetoricparrhesia is a figure of speech described as: to speak candidly or to ask forgiveness for so speaking.[1] The term is borrowed from the Greek παρρησία (πᾶν “all” + ῥῆσις / ῥῆμα “utterance, speech”) meaning literally “to speak everything” and by extension “to speak freely,” “to speak boldly,” or “boldness.” It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk.

An example of this is the quote “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat” by Winston Churchill.[2]

I hope this has been fun if not helpful.


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  1. I am glad you enjoyed it. I always thought it was weird what I could tell about an author by reading their books. As I focused more attention on it I realized that a lot of times I could pick up on other things as well.

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