Richard Dawkins Linguistic Fetish.



Being a psycholinguist and a linguistic philosopher, I have developed myself a linguistic fetish.  In philosophy there is what I refer to as the linguistic barrier, which is to say that you can only get so smart, you can only progress so far as a philosopher without understanding intimately the way that language works.  Linguistics. 

One of the ways you know that a person has approached or crossed that barrier is usually by the presence of a linguistic fetish.  Mike Myers has one, Will Ferrel has one, I have one.  Ayn Rand didn’t have one and she despised linguistic philosophers.  Which might be why she was a revolutionary propagandist and not a philosopher. 


Now what is curious to me is that until recently I have not seen any evidence of Richard Dawkins having a linguistic fetish until now.  He fetishizes the word paedophilia, instead of spelling it in the normal way.  Why does he do this?  Is he creating a dichotomy in his mind between types of pedophilia?  and good and bad pedophilia?  Or is he making it more sophisticated?  Mike Myers, Will ferrel, and myself use our linguistic fetish when we are being humorous.  But Richard Dawkins used it when he was being sincere and honest and a little too frank.  I know how language works, and I know how the mind works.  This event is more telling than many would like to think, he tipped his hand. 





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