So, a couple of days ago my room mate told me that I have to watch this show, Mermaids on Animal Planet.  I watched a portion of it and as always I deconstruct the micro expressions, body language, and tone of voice as well as my linguistic deconstruction.  I have gotten very fast at doing this, it doesn’t require any effort on my part any more, I do it automatically now.  The portion of the show that I watched disturbed me because though it seemed to be a genuine documentary bringing up new evidence the videos were obviously to high quality to be cell phone videos, I doubt the technology on cell phones was that good at the time, and the reactions of the people were to deliberate and not spontaneous, there was no honest emotion.  I resolved to watch the whole show again later, to carefully inspect everybody’s behavior and I found myself even more convinced the whole thing was contrived.  There was one man with a beard that seemed like he honestly believed what he was saying but there were a few tells at times he let his mask slip.  

The only fact that I believed was that the Navy had been causing whales to beach with their sonar.  At first I thought it was a mean spirited hoax on the part of Atheists or something to sucker people into believing it and then show them how stupid they were.  I thought it would be like the big foot hoax, where the police man lied and used his reputation to get other people to believe him.  It made me very depressed about society that people would spend so much time and energy making other people feel stupid by lying and misrepresenting facts.  That doesn’t prove the people are stupid, it proves that people are stupid for trusting you and not realizing that you are a crappy person.  But this is becoming a recurring problem with the investment agencies, stock markets, and banks in this country, lying to everybody and essentially stealing from them.  

There is a disclaimer on the end of the movie saying that it is a pseudo-documentary, but when War of the Worlds first aired they were up front with telling people that it was just a radio show.  So people’s reactions were their own responsibility.  According to the owner of animal planet he wanted people to think that it was a possibility to inspire them or something, I don’t think he accomplished his goal. I think he kind of demoralized people.  

Dr. Paul Robertson, who presented the video “evidence” of mermaids cavorting in cold northern waters, had stated that they deliberately presented the “evidence” in documentary form to make it enhance the credulity of unwary views. He said: “I wanted the story to appeal to a sense of genuine possibility, and incorporating real science and evolutionary theory and real-world scientific examples — such as animals that have made the transition from land to sea, much as we suggest mermaids did — and citing real, albeit controversial theories like the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis, grounded it. Using a straight, documentarian approach made the story more persuasive by appealing more to a sense of intellectual possibility as well as emotional possibility.”

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