Something in Nature Hates Psychopaths.


This is something I always thought was fascinating, their is an intelligence in the animals in nature that hates psychopathy.  Psychopaths attract sociopathic predators.  Psychopaths are loud, arrogant, attention whores that attract too much attention to themselves and possess too little skill.  Predators that know themselves accurately and possess skill are immediately attracted by the asymmetrical movements and noises given off by psychopaths.  Instead of being graceful and fluid and silent and not attracting attention to themselves, psychopaths are narcissistic and loud and boisterous, and they don’t evaluate themselves correctly, they over rate themselves and their abilities.  They attack first and keep escalating the situation expecting the other person to back down, which is all fine and dandy until the psychopath meets a sociopath.  

The hearing of the Barn owl is sensitive to the rustling sound that vermin make as they are foraging.  The noisy scratching, and nervous twitching of the mice.

The ear opening of an owl is almost a rectangle in shape, about 8mm by 5mm, rimmed with pink skin which holds a few fine, tiny feathers. There is also a feathered flap of skin between the ear and the eye, which acts as an ear cover. The ear covers are probably in slightly different positions when the owl is relaxed, or when it is alert. The ear of a Barn Owl is most sensitive to the frequencies of sounds that a small mammal might make. While hearing a mixed noise, it particularly focuses on sounds between 6kHz (kilohertz) and 9kHz.

Predatory cats are attracted to movements that are asymmetrical or nervous, because of the tapetum lucidum the movement irritates they eyes.  


The tapetum lucidum /təˈptəm/ (Latin: “bright tapestry”, plural tapeta lucida)[1] is a layer of tissue in the eye of many vertebrates.[2]Lying immediately behind the retina it reflects visible light back through the retina, increasing the light available to the photoreceptors, though blurring the initial image of the light on focus. The tapetum lucidum contributes to the superior night vision of some animals. Many of these animals are nocturnal, especially carnivores that hunt their prey at night, while others are deep sea animals.

Similar adaptations occur in some species of spiders, although these are not the result of a tapetum lucidum. Most primates, including humans, lack a tapetum lucidum, and compensate for this by perceptive recognition methods and by the use of altering the iris. (


Sharks have a lateral line the acoustico lateralis, a line on it’s body with sensory cells that can sense a possible dinner as much as a mile away based on the thrashing about in the water.  The non fluid, asymmetrical, clumsy, graceless movements of psychopaths tells them a possible dinner is near.  Psychopaths irritate sociopaths.  

Something in nature hates a psychopath.  


3 thoughts on “Something in Nature Hates Psychopaths.”

    1. ty, brother, I appreciate that, it comes from my theory that psychopath/female brains are unnatural and gravitate towards herds in order to socially climb, while male/sociopathic brains go away from people into nature.

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