Psychopathology and Entitlement.


The last evolution of the human brain is the frontal lobe, it is also the last part of the brain to fully develop and neurally myelinate.  It essentially deals with proper relationship, right and wrong.  



The executive function of the frontal lobes involve the ability to recognize future consequences resulting from current actions, to choose between good and bad actions (or better and best), override and suppress socially unacceptable responses, and determine similarities and differences between things or events.

The frontal lobes also play an important part in retaining longer term memories which are not task-based. These are often memories associated with emotions derived from input from the brain’s limbic system. The frontal lobe modifies those emotions to generally fit socially acceptable norms.

Psychological tests that measure frontal lobe function include finger tapping, Wisconsin Card Sorting Task, and measures of verbal and figural fluency.[5]

In my psychological model, psychopaths are over coddled children if they are not psychopaths due to damage or deformity.  They have been in an enriched environment in which they were able to have anything that they desired, this creates a normative process for them where they always expect to be able to have anything that they desire.  Psychopaths feel entitled, they feel worthy of everything.  There is the object that they covet and they are deserving of it, so the question becomes how do they get it, not how to they earn it.  

If you listen closely to the narrative of a psychopath they rationalize why they should have what they want even if it is a resource they don’t possess, even if it is somebody else’s resource, even if they have to trespass somebodies boundaries to get it.  They will lie, communicate strategically, obfuscate, conflate, every form of strategic communication in order to convince somebody that they should have what they want, that they deserve it.  I find this so interesting in observing psychopaths, the some of their actions has to take them in a direction where they can approach doing their will.  If their is something they want right now, they will communicate that this is the correct and moral thing to happen.  They will go back to something they already did, in a tit for tat exchange and they will inflate the value of a past service in order to get what they want right now. 

I had an interesting experience lately with the L case study.  I recently acquired a new dog, L is territorial and is threatened by any positive attention that is not being given to herself, she feels that she deserves to be the focus of all positive attention all of the time.  So based on shared state theory of communication and the communication rituals of the mother trying to control the focus of the child and control the way the child is emotionally in relationship with the object of focus it was interesting to deconstruct her narrative.  She kept on asking me over and over again if I had made an effort to find the dogs family, I had and was continuing to do so.  She would talk about how sad they must be and that the dog belonged to somebody in spite of my telling her that signs had been put up and somebody was taking them down and nobody had called to claim the dog.  Everything she was saying was a tautology of the dog not being mine, belonging to somebody else and leading towards framing me as doing something wrong  by communicating emotional data(the female mind uses fear, guilt, and shame to manipulate the male mind).  

Last night I was taking my dogs for a walk and lo and behold there was a little girl drawing on the pavement with chalk, and Pazuzu (that’s what I named her) started freaking out and wagging her tail, kissing the girl and snuggling her.  The little girl ran in the house and informed her parents that “shelby” was back.  The mother appeared and she was very chagrined, she chose her words carefully in front of the little girl, I asked her if she would like to talk somewhere out of earshot and she agreed, I asked her if she wasn’t able to afford a dog at this moment and she said that her family had just moved here from Texas, and they had just found out she was pregnant, and everybody was gone all day and the dog was very unhappy.  I said I would keep the dog and the little girl could see her.  I told her that I have a room mate that works different hours than myself and we have another dog about the same size, she was very happy.  That is as far as I got in the story with L.  

What happened next was a very special connection and emotional release with the dog.  She was inconsolable, whining and making noise, very sad.  Now here is the part that I wanted to tell L, the part that was important to me, me and Lisa my room mate started howling like wolves, and Pazuzu joined in wholeheartedly.  It was soulful, mournful, whaling, I didn’t realize the emotional impact of howling until I experienced this with Pazuzu, we became a wolf pack at that moment, sharing her suffering with her.  She was a little virtuoso at howling. (  <<<RELATED LINK. 

What L did, is she was like, “WAIT A MINUTE!  I THOUGH YOU SAID YOU FOUND THE FAMILY.”  She started repeating herself like a retard, with a lot of negative emotional data, reiterating that it was their dog, and the correct thing for them to do is for them to take responsibility for their actions, (L doesn’t take responsibility for her actions…) Notice the use of self appointed authority in her narrative, she can’t say what she is saying unless she is speaking from a perspective of moral authority.  She didn’t let me tell her about the healing part, the cathartic part that was so beautiful and meaningful to me.  She hijacked the conversation and drowned the narrative.  She even kept on calling me back and starting the conversation at the exact same place, increasing the intensity and emotional data.  

It is also of interest that two co-morbid psychopaths will join forces for the same reason, of getting what they want, even if they shouldn’t have it.  Also of interest is how much quicker people will band together to do evil than do good.  Just like L they don’t think about the happiness of everybody or anybody else, only their own happiness and feelings.  She completely ignored that value had been created for just about everybody, which is part of my theories on relationship “efficiency towards value”, and maximizing value, a meritocracy of results.  She even said to me on another subject that when she does stuff for me she doesn’t want anyone else benefiting from it, lol, the exact opposite of my stated purpose for our relationship.  (((SMH)))



21 thoughts on “Psychopathology and Entitlement.”

  1. I have to read it again later, I breezed through it. I think I’ll attach links to my inquisitive blog, I do but I like external sources as well, like you’re doing. This is excellent.

    1. ty, I am using my philosophy of mind and my psychology to communicate states to people. I am making it easy to memorize and impossible to forget. 3:})
      it remembers itself to you.

      1. I don’t retain the larger terminology, simplified is better. To me if it can’t be expressed in a simplified manner, understandable by anyone who reads it, the individual (not you) doesn’t understand the material.

        You write in a manner that makes it easy to absorb. Plus I “love” patterns of behavior, the why of it all. Text books bore me, too sterile.

  2. Have you ever asked her questions? In other words does she respond to questions if you ask her directly what significance this has for her?

    What I’m reading is she didn’t feel you understood, if a person doesn’t feel understood (and I don’t know the history) they’ll continue on and on until they are, otherwise, they’ll keep on focusing on the aspect of whatever it is that they want someone else to hear.

    She does with everything then… and you keep going back. LOL 🙂 Ah, I work with someone like this, I’m constantly redirecting them. It’s working however it wasn’t part of my job description.

    1. No, she keeps coming back, and she lies about her intentions, I read body language, micro expressions, tone of voice, and I deconstruct her narrative. I understand her better than she understands herself and when I ask her questions she answers strategically instead of authentically.

      1. \O/ I do all of this… I understand. I’ll just sit over here and laugh from hereon in at the situation. I laugh at mine @ work. Keeps me sane.

      2. I’ve hidden a slew of posts where I was analyzing an entire family at work. I’m in the middle of everything, all the things they do to one another, the way they manipulate one another, the tactics they use, the guilt, the whining, the mannerisms, speach patterns, the fukkery, the disrespect over all for one another on so many levels and I thought…they don’t see it. They’re in it. My boss asked me to give an opinion on inner workings, he trusts me (in spite of himself) I advised him that there is a line, I will not cross because they are family and I am an outsider. If I can be helpful, I will (and I have, ad nauseum) otherwise, it is in everyone’s best interest if I don’t involve myself too deeply.

        Course… 🙂 I can’t help it. It’s RIGHT THERE! then you have the generous side, the odd love they have… because I don’t interpret what they do as loving one another. The blog you followed was for processing all of that and when I did a Catfish story it was more public so I put all of those posts away.

        I know, human beings are manipulative, however… if you don’t already, it doesn’t matter the level of education a person has, they’re all highly intelligent individuals and inter-personal wise? It’s incredible.

        Oooh, my point is, I can see how it keeps you sane. lolol

      3. lol. yeah, I get tired of looking for rational relationship and being rational in relationship and getting screwed over or manipulated or sabotaged by every single person, like I am life’s bitch.

      4. \O/ I KNOW right? It’s like, thinking about what the problem is, trying to discuss it and walking into a fucking wall. And it’s “their” wall not mine. I know what mine are and I know what’s them and what’s me, I express those things. However, none of us are mind readers.

        I hate manipulation. There is good and bad. You know, psychology has the good way in which it can be used, so the idea is to use it for good, not so that one person wins and the other has no idea what’s going on because they were manipulated. It’s been my experience that many people don’t know themselves very well.

        I learn more about myself every day, it’s important. You’re a bitch? Whaaaa?

      5. wait… OMFG… I’m reading the link you gave me for the other blog (thank you) and, your girl there, at work? She’s your grandmother… Do you know that? O.O

      6. I’m sorry 🙂 I’m absorbing a lot of information at the moment.

        The girl at your job L, her behaviors, mirror the behaviors you’ve described about your grandmother, on the American guru blog you gave me the link to.

        You gave me the link as to ego due to my comment about learning more about one’s self every day? I’ve read up on Ego for a while there, I’ll read that too. However I know, it’s very good. I have a link in my other blog that has an excellent link about it, 2 I think. I forget by who.

        Ego is tough to siphon through.

    1. lol, although I did read Evelyn Wood’s book I don’t consider myself a speed reader, the stuff that i am interested is philosophical so it is material that doesn’t predispose itself to quick perusal.

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