Reputation Brokering


One of the psychopathic processes that is the most successful is reputation brokering.  It is not the same as gossiping but it mimics the pattern.  Psychopaths gravitate towards structures of authority because of feelings of superiority and the desire to abuse power.  Once in those positions instead of executing their offices faithfully they position themselves to keep those offices, this means preventing the next generation of leaders from moving up.  They hate you because of your ability and their lack of ability to compete.  Psychopaths have undeservedly good reputations and they encourage those that kiss their ass to tell them lies about themselves and how good they are, they try to reify this into fact and act as if it is so.  Comorbid toxicity in relationships is more common than it is uncommon, I want to believe this lie about myself and you want to believe this lie about yourself, we will enter into a relationship and I will tell you your lie and you will tell me my lie. Until along comes a threat to their authority, Billy Badass.  Billy Badass knows himself correctly and evaluates himself correctly, he knows what he is and what he can do, he can’t be controlled or manipulated.

They use your  control of your reputation as a leveraging mechanism, if you don’t let them control you and control what you think and what you do they will besmirch your reputation.  Chris Dorner knew himself, he had experience, think of the Dunning kruger effect where the person without experience over evaluates themselves and the experienced person under sells themselves.  The experienced person is aware of their weaknesses and strengths and is thinking of their failures, while the psychopath who is untried is thinking about their feelings about themselves, and how awesome they feel they are.


So since then some police have been force to wear body cameras so that they can be monitored while they work, if they are a primarily psychopathic organization, attracting psychopaths and vigilant against sociopaths we would expect to see a large discrepancy between the results when they are being observed and when they are not being watched, is that the case?

But Rialto’s randomised controlled study has seized attention because it offers scientific – and encouraging – findings: after cameras were introduced in February 2012, public complaints against officers plunged 88% compared with the previous 12 months. Officers’ use of force fell by 60%.

“When you know you’re being watched you behave a little better. That’s just human nature,” said Farrar. “As an officer you act a bit more professional, follow the rules a bit better.”

One of the things I write about is the ability to recognize the psychopath and the psychopathic behavior, and having the courage, strength, and technique to confront the behavior of the psychopath.  Chris Dorner is in a way a martyr and a hero.  Confronted with an entire department of psychopaths and not being able to get justice, having his reputation stolen from him by creeps and spiders, he found it within himself to fight evil and make the ultimate sacrifice.  When you are in a position such as his and you can’t be a part of the solution sometimes all you can do is draw attention to the problem.

I hereby make Chris Dorner an honorary Wolfpack Member.




3 thoughts on “Reputation Brokering”

  1. The Emperor has no clothes? I think that’s the story I’m thinking about anyway. Oh! the Dunning Kruger effect! I was just trying to think of this the other day! In other news, excellent post. 🙂

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