I wanted to start listing the psychopathic processes, patterns, and behaviors that I come across.  This is one I recently picked up from the L case study.  Over stay your welcome and then get offended when other people want you to leave or get irritated at your presence.  In a meritocracy of pleasantness instead of a meritocracy of reason, from the feminine perspective, you win.  Now with your self appointed moral authority you have the right to punish them by extracting a fee or by whining, nagging, making an appeal to sympathy or “caring”.  Each time they repeat that you they want you to leave or become more emotional about leaving, react by becoming even more emotional, and histrionic.  The fascinating thing about this technique is that it further removes people’s wanting you to be around and creates a counter incentive to them wanting to be around you in the future.  But then you can get offended again…

A deviation of this histrionic ploy is to take forever telling a story without any interesting information in it for the other person.  Just talk because you like the sound of your voice, or because you like the way your mouth feels when you make word sounds.  In my theories, proper communication is done to create value for other people, it tells them something useful, true, meaningful, or pleasant.  If you are talking and the other person isn’t enjoying themselves or they get angry when you have finished, that is a sign that you screwed up.  As a general rule, I try to be clear, cogent, profound and brief.  “Clear” means easy to understand, “cogent” means well thought out,(think before you open your yap), “profound” means telling a person something they have NOT HEARD BEFORE!  and “brief” means GET TO THE POINT AND SHUTUP!  




25 thoughts on “Lingering”

      1. It is based on the concept that evolution happens very slowly and people that have trouble losing weight have a disproportionate amount of hunter gatherer dna and a lack of agricultural society mutations.

  1. As an aside, some get angry when they hear something they don’t like, other times they’re angry due to their interpretation of what we’ve said. The question, to me, becomes if rephrasing doesn’t work, because we’re equally as responsible for what they hear, not their reaction certainly however it’s helpful if we’re clear as well. Variables apply, as you know. L is the person who exhibits the above behaviors? Is this about the trolling articles. I’m trying to follow your train of thought as to who, etc.

    1. she works with me, sometimes. I have a rule, communicate to be understood, listen to understand. she doesn’t really make much of an effort learn or follow my philosophy and psychology, when she does she has good results.

      1. Does she have any understanding “how” to do what you would like her to do? Some need to be taught, we’re not born with good communication skills.

        I’m not there, so I have no idea. I have met people who are not aware, some are some place in the middle and others are pretty good.

      2. Her mother abandoned her at a young age and she never developed because her father didn’t know how to raise her and he felt bad for her. I am seeing if a psychopath can indeed be reformed. I am trying to grow her up.

      3. Okay, however… does she understand what she is, or is not doing, which contributes to the problem in a manner conducive to her seeing the need to make this change for herself…

        If she has deep seeded issues, such as you’re referencing perhaps a different approach may work with her. She doesn’t have the tools, at least it sounds that way from what you’re saying.

        More importantly, she has to feel safe with you, trust you and not feel… “like a child” … around you. The last thing, if I may, that you don’t want to be and/or do is to be a father figure to replace what she didn’t get.

        Speculation on my part, based on limited information. 🙂

      4. I have tried everything and she is making progress slowly. I am using techniques from China and India, and improvising as we go. She doesn’t have the ability to introspect or scrutinize herself, discipline herself, or control herself. So I have to use techniques to get her to smell her own farts. Also, she won’t go away.

      5. “Also, she won’t go away”. lolol I just now stopped laughing.

        Oh really? China and India, what techniques are these? Are they related to martial arts in any way? I saw you were into it, so I leapt … way over here with it.

      6. They are, I don’t want to get into it right now, explaining the psychology behind them. It is based on controversial guru techniques. Not even commonly used among gurus nowaday only sadgurus. It speaks to the animal intelligence, which is over represented in psychopaths.

      7. If you are really interested maybe we could do it in private but I can’t tell you today, also I don’t want to be judged. I am not going to tell you are going to judge me…

      8. I am interested. You followed a blog that I vent on more so than the one that I have for more well thought out posts.

        These are my thoughts on being judged, which are on my other blog that I have on Google.

        It’s up to you, certainly. I’ll respect whatever you decide. I have many thoughts about animals vs. humans and certain similarities.

        You’ll judge me one day… if you don’t, I would be surprised however, if you have a moment, please read my thoughts on judgement. Whatever you decide is up to you. 🙂 Judgement is not as bad as you think.

    1. low arousal in the face, the twitching foot could also mean they are horny, sex is a cure for restless leg syndrome so you can get a false positive. The tone of voice will lower, and they will look away, or you will hear irritation in their voice or some other form of emotional data with negative connotations, like fear.

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