Hidden subjects in sexual attraction


In an attempt to show you how my theories work and how my brain works I am going to use them to describe behaviors and thoughts and attractions that people have in order to show you that they are understandable and predictable in spite of the emotionality of the intense attraction.  We are indeed organic computers whose actions and thoughts and even feelings are dictated by our programming. 

Women are sexually attracted to the men that they are attracted to because of a desire to reproduce what that man possesses on the earth.  That presupposes that a woman is honestly aroused by the man.  Unfortunately, women are great at being strategic and manipulative.  They can fake attraction to a man because they are actually interested in something else that they can get through him. Money, power, fame, etc.  Because women have historically been weaker than men they had to develop strategies that accentuated their strengths in order for them to socially climb and to succeed and do their will. 

Men that are attracted to large breasts (even fake ones) are more childish than other men and are more submissive to the woman in the relationship.  Women that try to attract men with large boobs are looking for a man to be in relationship with that is childish and submissive and will take a back seat in the relationship.  Erectile cavities exist in two places in the human body the penis and the nipple.  The breast has the same positive charge as the penis.  It is a symbol of maternal authority.  Women that feel they are winning by having larger breasts are in relationship with their authority and dominance over men and the man that is attracted and aroused by large breasts participates with this premise.  

The ass man is interested in the business part of the female.  He is not interested in a woman unless she puts out, unless she is honestly aroused by him on a cellular level.  But women can still fake arousal in order to manipulate.  Women have a natural aptitude for being fake and insincere.  Women have developed the ability to both love and hate men simultaneously, because men create more surplus than women when survival is hard often times her survival depends not only on the surplus he creates and his ability to protect her but also her ability to mislead and manipulate in order to get more of what she wants.  So women have a natural ability to sincerely love and hate the same man at the same time.  This is something most men don’t understand.  At least in America, where you are not allowed to scrutinize, criticize, or think negatively about women, because they are sacred cows. 

When a woman is honestly sexually aroused by you she takes responsibility for the fact that SHE wants to have sex with you.  She doesn’t try to frame it as though you are sexually pursuing her.  In a lot of ways it is humiliating to a woman’s ego to admit that the man is the object of desire.  



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