Opportunistic Obstructionism


When I was fleshing out SHARED STATE THEORY OF COMMUNICATION and EQUITY IN HUMAN RELATIONSHIP, it became obvious to me that psychopaths instead of being authentic and participating behave strategically in order to communicate to you a state.  I am superior to you, therefore when I storm towards you I expect you to throw yourself bodily out of my path, because that is how important I am.

I started observing and documenting psychopathic behaviors because the way my mind works I have obscene abilities of pattern recognition.  From my perspective every pattern, every interaction results in a psychopathic result or a sociopathic result (or neutral).  The behavior that I am going to discuss today is that of opportunistic obstructionism and it’s implications.

Psychopaths are opportunistic.  Just like a pedophile they attack you when you are weak.  They wait until they are in a position to attack you or you are in a position to not defend yourself.  In order for concern to not be valid it can’t create a disparate impact.  If concern is the order of the day then we should both be concernfull of one another, but if I am superior to you I am going to force you into a position where you have to be concernful of me while I am not being concernful of you.  Because I am more important than you.  So I will speed up to get in front of you on the freeway, and then slow down when I am in front.

There are even cultures that adopt opportunistic obstructionism as a passive aggressive tactic.  In the United States there was recently a series of events that communicated to a certain group that they were not as well liked as they thought they should be.  Universally this culture adopted a strategy to walk slower than everybody else and drive 5 miles under the speed limit.  This culture re-branded itself as the “culture of pleasantness” trying to make a societal implicature that their culture was superior because it was pleasant, (and Americans are rude).  They were trying to draw attention to themselves while at the same time not being concernful of other Americans and showing that through the auspices of self-appointed moral authority, they look down on us and at the same time don’t consider themselves Americans not equals but superior to us.

It is important to understand the difference between passive resistance and passive aggression.  Passive resistance is necessary when somebody is forcing you to do something that is wrong.  Passive aggression is a psychopathic tactic to release negative emotion in relationship for the sake of being abusive in a subtle way.


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