Pandora Complex

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Joxua Luxor named this disorder after observing that female behavior is often guided by impulses that can only be attributed to operating on neural myelination.  Millions of years of neural myelination have created the male and female brains and the female brain was created for dealing with children which creates the strategies by which she succeeds in relationship and in the world.  The strategies for dealing with the child are reversed and used on the man.  The woman wants to own and possess the male sexual energy (not unlike penis envy).  She wants the man to be manly but only in so far as he is sanctioned by her to do so.  She wants to put his penis in a box and put the box in her closet and only let him play with it when it suits her.  

Münchausen syndrome is related to Münchausen syndrome by proxy (MSbP/MSP)…

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