Deconstructing for Value


In my psychological model, nothing said or done is necessary, so we deconstruct the action or narrative for value.  We eat and breath because we want to live.  We procreate because we want our genes to be passed on.  Even if these are autonomic functions or subconscious impulses the result is the same.  If a person repeats a behavior or result in their life and they are incapable of changing it, even if they are crazy it doesn’t change the meaning in terms of value of the behavior.

Every interaction, every conversation creates impact disparate or otherwise.  Most interactions create psychopathic processes, which is to say that they error on the side of a feminine bias, which is based on superficial, aesthetic, snap decisions, normative or normatized judgments, what sounds good or what looks good.  There are always going to be more stupid people in the world than intelligent people, and also the pattern of the female mind to expand and increase feminine authority in the form of mercy, charity, and beauty, which fills the earth with stupid life that can’t be sustained by the environment.  A long, slow, painful, suffocating, miserable, self execution.

Fewer patterns released in this world are sociopathic patterns, which is define differently from modern psychology and I consider having to do with wisdom and natural law.  These are positive patterns that deal with a profound understanding a zen like intelligence like that of a kung fu master or the ability of nature to balance itself out over time.  These patterns also deal with an unyielding, unconpromising, equality under reason or natural law as defined by myself.  Nature is not pleasant, it is not forgiving, it is not merciful, you either make the cut or you don’t.

A person can do or say something that creates value for other people or for themselves.  The way in which something can have value is by being, useful, true, or pleasant.  Pleasantness can be used as a manipulation or it can make you stupid and weak, pleasantness has the least amount of value but it is useful for children and babies to transition to a stage where they are capable of appreciating greater forms of value.

What stimulated a person’s need recognition to act?  What was their motivation?  their intention?  What outcome did they desire?  These are all questions that help us understand the person speaking and acting.  We can build a psychological model of the person’s soul, gestalt, world view, even if they are concealing or misrepresenting their true self, which is also a behavior congruent with psychopaths.

Psychopaths, and psychopaths essentially rob the world of value for the reason that they never create more value than they consume and psychopaths will always use other people’s resources before they use their own.  Just as in the tragedy of the commons.  In my system the a person’s resources include their own abilities, their faculty of reason, their money that they have earned, their possessions, etc.  Psychopaths are attracted to structures of authority because they have been indoctrinated with feelings of superiority by their mothers if not by both their parents.  They feel superior based on their pleasantness, superficial beauty and charm, or their moral authority, or their ability to lie and manipulate people and get away with it.  This is also an act of theft, lying and manipulation that is, it isn’t using one’s own resources in my system.  Because of the feminine bias of people who have been trained to be wary of and hostile of masculinity while being indoctrinated into the authority of the toxic mother, they are blind to the greater evil of the psychopath while being hyper vigilante against masculinity, or the sociopath.  I have a saying,

“It isn’t the asshole in front of you that you have to worry about, it’s the dick behind you.”

This is a well known cognitive bias, I call it the averseness of the mind.  People over react to one false threat because they don’t have deep understanding, while being completely blind to the actual threat.  The psychopath doesn’t show up on their threat filter because they are obsessed with the potential threat which is in all reality a non threat but beyond that is actually the solution to their problems!


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