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At the risk of being even more thoroughly despised, if that is possible, I will give away yet another female secret and tactic that I have discovered with my psycholinguistic models.  Women use their female communication rituals to control, influence, and manipulate proximity with shaming and guilting rituals, casting aspersions, unfounded accusations, etc.

Women keep men from their guy friends, from talking to one another, from talking about women, from strategizing how to deal with their women by suggesting that they are homosexual and that is why they are so reliant on one another.  Women know that the children are the source of their authority so they also keep the men away from the children.  When you get divorced and the kids are below a certain age, NO judge is going to take children away from their mother.  Women use this to hijack the relationship, threatening that if they don’t…

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4 thoughts on “PROXIMITY IS POWER”

  1. What kind of women do you hang with? Men need other men for camaraderie, companionship, with out the judgmental eye of women I’m not a people collector,but I do have two good female friends, and if my male friend thought I was bad mouthing him or accuse me of being a lesbian. I would be pissed off too.

    1. I hang with the kind of women I am describing. Why can’t women turn their judgmental eye on themselves? No matter how many times I try to have a rational relationship the result is the same with women. they use the exact same processes and refuse to participate with reason or to be falsified by it.

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