The White Knight or Captain Save-a-ho Profile


I have this concept of people falsifying themselves by their method.  The White Knight is the one of the most annoying of these people.  In my philosophy, everything said and done is congruent with a soul or world view.  The question is who is speaking or acting, how to recognize a psychological profile.  The White Knight is the self appointed champion of feminineness and feminine virtue.  Sometimes an arm chair philosopher, sometimes an effeminate homosexual, but always a closeted hater of reason and masculinity.

The White Knight is a Gomer, a pussy starved, vagina worshiper.  He will say that women are equal to men in one sentence and in the next he will argue that women are the moral superiors of men and the judges of true masculinity.  Women are capable of doing anything a man can do, but apparently not fighting their own battles and defending themselves in reasoned debate.  If he is capable of being reasonable for even the briefest period of time you will find that once the conversation turns towards women his ability to be logical and stick to his train of logic flees him.  The White Knight is completely incapable of detecting his own horse shit.

His strategy has value for him because he thinks it increases his chances of getting laid.  He turns a blind eye to the logical fallacies and stupidities of women refusing to scrutinize them or criticize them.  He doesn’t realize that he is protecting women from the truth and reality while at the same time saying that they are as capable as a man at making logical decisions.  Women don’t need men but apparently they need him.  By championing her in her error he is showing that he conflates women with stupidity and incorrectness and he thinks that women aren’t capable of dealing with reality or being held to an equal standard as men.  If the woman allows herself to be white knighted she shows tacitly that she agrees with him about women.

From his perspective he is the only good man.  His cock is saved from being a cock because of its service to femininity, and therefore it is the only good cock.

He socially climbs by lying to women and telling them what they want to hear and fighting their battles for them.  He thinks he is very clever but he doesn’t realize the he is perpetuating the very sexism that he claims to be against with his behavior.  He is also reifying gender roles.  This is what is fascinating, the guy that is calling women on their shit is treating them as equals, and the guy that is protecting women is also falsifying his own position by his method.  It is fascinating how many of the people that come out of ivy league colleges do exactly this, I call them highly educated idiots.

Manipulating women is like shooting fish in a barrel.  I know, I was a male stripper.  One of my most successful strategies that I discovered before I realized that as long as I was manipulating women I couldn’t feel loved by them, was to create competition between women.  Some men have learned this trick better than others.  Women are more interested in competing with other women than they are in being in relationship with their man.  Women will do crazy things to establish sexual dominance over another female.  I recently stumbled upon an “artist” that paints crappy paintings and then attaches fruity feminized sentiments to them.  He has a huge following and he is doing exactly this, playing women off each other.  I have seen better cave art, but the neanderthals had better watch their back, if he keeps working on his craft he might catch up with them.


white knight


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