Criticism of Psychology

Jack Nicholson


First of all I think that the field attracts people that don’t feel like authorities in their own lives because something went wrong with their individuation process from their parents.  I refer to this as “displacement”.   Specifically I feel that when a person doesn’t feel like an authority in their own life, because they perhaps had a rich parent that constantly threatened to disinherit them if they didn’t always do what they wanted, and the child listened to their parent, concealing their resentment but believing that the parent was correct in their actions, so they wanted to be an authority figure in someone else’s life since they can’t be an authority in their own.  They become a police man or a psychologist.  It attracts damaged people that are trying to figure themselves out.  They are emotionally morbid and they want to attack passive aggressively, to lord their modicum of authority over others.

Secondly, as Nassim Nicholas taleb said in his book BLACK SWAN, psychology is a field without experts.  There is no difference between the diagnosis of an expert and a novice, (because it is the diagnostic statistics manual doing all the thinking, imho).

Not all experts deserve the title[edit]

Taleb also questions the authority of experts, asserting that the truth behind science is limited to certain areas and methods. In many areas having an academic degree and presenting oneself as a scientist is irrelevant. Indeed, authority can stifle empirical experience which, so many times, has proven to have a sounder basis for accuracy.


Lastly and my greatest most heartfelt criticism, Psychology doesn’t protect itself from creeping normalcy and normative judgments of social norms.  Which is to say the psychologist is interested in protecting the largest group of people in society.  So if society is filled with superficial, sarcastic, psychopathic, covertly hostile, opportunistic, social climbing morons that can’t detect their own horse shit, the psychologist feels it is their duty to protect the normals from the not normals in order to make society as pleasant as possible.  It is as though a parent has two kids and for the sake of their own peace they let one of the kids pick on the other one because that one never complains, instead of being worried about what is just and true they just let the one kid get picked on and they even say to that one, “Why can’t you be more like your retarded brother?”  You know like Harry Potter and his fat Muggle cousin.  They don’t just protect the biggest group of idiots, they frame the smarter more creative people more correct people as victimizing everybody else.  Their whole concept could be summed up by the sentence, “you are never going to get results going in that direction and you are just going to make yourself and everybody else miserable so why don’t you just give up and drink the koolaid?”


I think that the field of psychology should be done away with for the most part, except for dealing with the clinically insane, veterans, and hospitals, and things such as that.  I think that people should be taught the cognitive biases, and study the logical fallacies and become fluent in them.  The talking cure was originally used by Ludwig Wittgenstein (who was related to Sigmond Freud by marriage and who corresponded with him) who spoke about philosophy with the Vienna Circle.  He used it to keep himself from going insane (as I do, study philosophy that is).  The Vienna Circle more or less created the modern philosophy of science, AND THEY WERE A SUPPORT GROUP USING THE TALKING CURE!!!  In order to unleash the highest common good, people need to have venues where they can discuss the knew high intellectual stuff that they just learned.  Not having anyone to understand you or be able to evaluate you is depressing.  It also creates a counter incentive to learning higher philosophy and makes it almost impossible to remember it because you never get to talk to anyone about it.

The up down relationship that exists today between the psychologist and the patient frames the relationship in a certain way.

  1. There is something wrong with you.
  2. I am superior to you.
  3. I know more than you do.
  4. I am not concerned for you, I am in relationship with your money.

This tacitly influences the relationship and effects the outcome.



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